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csgo aiming, clothes, arm sleeve
Luxembourg EasternBrunette 
this is incredibly important that not enough talk about I learnt to aim entirely playing with long sleeve clothes. All of a sudden it is hot asf in summer, sweaty arm, the friction is different, muscle memory does not help any more and aim is TRASH. literally the difference between destroying players and getting destroyed.
2021-07-25 01:27
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Russia lpz126
I play naked, so no difference to me
2021-07-25 01:29
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#10 real pro spotted +1
2021-07-25 01:34
You mean your arm is touching the side of the table or something like that ? I agree that’s annoying but sweating so much in a sleeve shirt is more
2021-07-25 01:29
Just because it's important to you - doesnt mean it's important for everyone. So "not talked about enough" is a bit narcisistic. Majority of people play with short sleeves and probably barely or bother with "friction".
2021-07-25 01:29
get one of those basketball sleeve things VINI from Furia wears, theyre like 5 euro online
2021-07-25 01:30
my hand also sticks to my desk. i literally cut out a sleeve from an old long sleeve tshirt (only goes up to my elbow tho). works for me.
2021-07-25 01:30
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2021-07-25 01:31
+1 every time I see pros on LAN playing with short sleeve I wonder how they manage it
2021-07-25 01:30
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2021-07-25 01:34
idk i mean look at the pros they all play in t-shirts and shorts usually
2021-07-25 01:32
I usually just wear a thong
2021-07-25 01:34
i didnt realise this was issue since i play naked, i mean dont you watch pros how to actually play cs ?
2021-07-25 01:33
Just make it so your arm is resting on your mousepad (if you're talking about your mouse hand) otherwise maybe get a huge mouspad to cover your desk so both arms can rest on it.
2021-07-25 01:36
im a wrist player so i dont car :)
2021-07-25 01:43
Ive never had issues with my arms on my desk, its a wooden but varnished desk
2021-07-25 01:45
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