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Sweden AFCHannes 
hypothetically, lets say zeus starts playing faceit now for the first time and has around 5-7k hours. do you think he's making it out of lvl 4? serious quesiton btw.
2021-07-25 08:01
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Maybe if he calls strats for all the brainless kids with sick aim
2021-07-25 08:04
he'll be level 10 in no time. you don't need much to get there
2021-07-25 08:09
Italy I_like_csgo
Yes hell still go to lvl 10
2021-07-25 08:29
He will still smurf in lvl10 wdym ?
2021-07-25 08:30
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People are dumb over here, just ignore
2021-07-25 08:40
2021-07-25 22:04
Zeus was a fplstar complete to Blad3
2021-07-25 08:35
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Well they should make a new team with all the old Navi roster since Trident disbanded. Zeus, Guardian, seized are free Flamie could probably come and play since he isn't doing anything. They just need 1 player probably get Shock from Trident to play, since Edward is playing for Khan I think.
2021-07-25 19:12
he would clap everyone on faceit. just like karrigan. people think these igl's are shit but they still outplay 99% of alll amateurs
2021-07-25 19:17
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Nt I did beat karrigan 1v1
2021-07-25 19:39
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nobody cares about 1v1 only bots like you
2021-07-25 19:42
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but karrigan cried after it so is he a bot?
2021-07-25 21:47
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2021-07-25 23:59
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trust me bro
2021-07-26 00:01
he would still make 3k elo easily. even not so good pros are much better than faceit randoms.
2021-07-25 22:06
after seeing how dogshit lvl 10 faceits are compared to semi decent fplc platyers. i think zeus will be 4k elo lvl 10 in no time, or any pro that is called washed up/bad.
2021-07-26 00:11
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