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Denmark i_kinda_like_konfig 
What changes need to be made to make it a top5 team? imo es3tag is perfect for RUSH's roles k0nfig and Jks are the best players on this roster, and Jks should be given his roles. Dont get me wrong, blameF is a very good player, but it doesnt work having an IGL lurking. It ruins midround calling and its obvious to see in their T sides. I hope peacemaker forces blameF to play supportive and give Jks his star roles back because he is a beast. What changes do you think need to be done?
2021-07-25 08:20
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2021-07-25 08:20
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2021-07-25 08:56
Stylistic change from blameF and a consistent awper
2021-07-25 08:22
United States Whalehat
Idk jks need better aim
2021-07-25 08:22
get rid of fucking poison. Rush was a change that needed to be made, but getting rid of a supportive player whose doing bad compared to the awper doing bad is so dumb. The AWPers sole job is to get kills, lots of them and poizon doesn't do that at all. They need a new one, and they need a new one more than they needed to replace RUSH (although he needed to go too)
2021-07-25 08:22
Italy I_like_csgo
Poizon needs to be replaced
2021-07-25 08:28
That's an easy question -pozion +mertz -jks +magiskb0y
2021-07-25 08:32
Finland hermion
They havent even pracced with this lineup yet so maybe stfu about changes
2021-07-25 08:33
Poizon should be kicked. If CoL want to be competetive, be a consistent top 7 team, then they need to get a better awper. NaVi have s1mple, gambit have sh1ro, VP have jame, heroic have Cadian. These teams depend on their awper a lot. G2 struggle against teams with GREAT awpers, because they lack one. Same with Astralis.
2021-07-25 08:41
Korea jin67300
If -blameF top5 sure
2021-07-25 08:41
I think poizon will do fin he just needs to find his form again That or what I'd like to see since LANs are coming back is they try woxic And ffs blameF change your playstyle and igling, you've tried this setup for so long and it didn't work and time to change your style
2021-07-25 08:43
imo - jks - poizon + msl + nawwk or mertz and go full danish dont get me wrong, jks is a great player, but they need new and proper igl and let blameF lurk freely
2021-07-25 08:57
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