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Keyboard market
Spain VeryCatholicGuy 
How is it atm? I should buy new one but im not willing to spend >100 euros. Anything fine under 70 or 80 at max?
2021-07-25 10:47
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Germany RIP_MY_NIP
I use the logitech g213 (costs like 70 dollars max depending on where you shop) and it is pretty good. It isn't fully mechanical but it still feels good to both play and type. there are buttons on it that allow one to control volume, keyboard rgb on/off, pausing/resuming videos or music, as well as skipping and going back. It also has a button that allows you to block the input on certain keys (like the windows key) so you dont accidentally exit a game by pressing something you dont wanna press.
2021-07-25 10:52
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Looks fine, will consider it :). Also blocking the fcking Windows key rocks.
2021-07-25 11:01
Czech Republic Guczy
Logitech G512
2021-07-25 11:06
DG | 
you want it with or without numeritos on the side?
2021-07-25 11:09
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Me es indiferente, la verdad.
2021-07-25 11:46
Slovakia ypsylonnn
Buy the cheapest one with the switches that fit you
2021-07-25 11:19
Lithuania sqvar3
HyperX Alloy FPS Pro
2021-07-25 11:25
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Bulgaria tedo1neun
2021-07-25 11:31
Wow only 50 euros. Expected hyperx to be way more pricey. Thanks lad, good candidate.
2021-07-25 11:50
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100 euros in russia wtf
2021-07-25 12:13
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The fuck. Maybe its almost out of stock or smthing and thats the reason for the overprice.
2021-07-25 12:15
Wait, its not mechanical, its... the other type. Maybe i should spend 15 or 20 euros more for a mecha.
2021-07-25 11:52
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Lithuania sqvar3
2021-07-25 18:01
Logitech G413, i like it simple.
2021-07-25 11:28
Keyboards are not difference makers, buy a second hand keyboard or even a Chinese one and save money so that you can spend more on a quality headset/mic or a mouse.
2021-07-25 11:33
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I know, thats why im not aiming for a 200 euros one. But i wanna buy a half decent one which lasts for years, dont wanna spend 30 or 40 euros in a cheap one which breaks in 1 year.
2021-07-25 11:47
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If that's what you want check #21
2021-07-25 12:17
I was lucky when I got my keyboard. I have the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition and it was like £110 but was on sale for £44 when I got it
2021-07-25 11:54
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I dont answer to mean people who report me. Wait, i just did so, but you get the point :(
2021-07-25 11:59
Anyways, Gratz for that deal. Very neat one.
2021-07-25 12:00
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lmao ty
2021-07-25 12:02
44 pound? Holy shit lmao. I thought buying it for 99€ was a steal.
2021-07-25 12:18
Bought mine for 99€. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition. It's even cheaper in Spain right now, go for it!!!!!!!! PcComponentes:
2021-07-25 12:17
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really? How can you be so cheap.
2021-07-25 12:23
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Europe Nuskel
Razer keyboards are overpriced as hell. try Drevo keyboards or something, they were very successful in kickstarter.
2021-07-25 12:38
click it
2021-07-26 14:19
Canada MiLkBaGzz
i use the logitech g910 but i think it costs more then 100. Idk i got it from a friend who was upgrading.
2021-07-25 12:41
I have an Apex Pro TKL, it's probably the best mainstream/big brand keyboard out there, but honestly as keyboard makes very very minimal difference when it comes to CS, just buy one with the switches you like. Find a couple of good keyboards that are in your budget range and compare them until you find out which one is better for you/is better value for money. Anything mechanical is good enough for CS. Some good ones from the top of my mind are Logitech G413 and HyperX Alloy FPS, but look for sales as you can find some really good deals.
2021-07-26 14:41
Finland RPGWiZaRD
I'm still personally looking for a proper SILENT tactile low-profile TKL mechanical keyboard, until then I will prefer rubber domes. Another problem is that if you play games where you need to double tap n stuff, I found even with brown switches I had to increase the double tap delay in order for it to register as a double tap vs my rubber dome. I suppose only MX Reds and alike are good if speed is a priority but it also doesn't feel great to use either.
2021-07-26 14:48
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