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World lol_n00bs 
Why are u sometimes Allahtares sometimes Onlinetares?? AND, why are u discriminating turkey?? Play with turks imo help that scene + language issues within BIG. imo big winwin if he leaves Discuss.
2021-07-25 11:08
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Forgot to mention.. sometimes only FPLtares 🥺🥺
2021-07-25 11:10
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2021-07-25 11:54
Italy I_like_csgo
Turkey scene not stronk enough to build a team that would be better than Big
2021-07-25 11:11
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2021-07-25 11:12
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Italy I_like_csgo
I don't see this team beating current Big
2021-07-25 11:12
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Bro big can be SOOO inconsistent Tizian bot as usual bottomfragigng Sometimes kito plays like fuck Only starplayer is godsyrson kriegsen sometimes and fpltares. If they dont carry they even lose vs lulquid lmao
2021-07-25 11:15
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Yes Big is inconsistent, but still better than this turkish team
2021-07-25 11:16
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Actually paz and calyx are very underrated bro.. they have synergy thats rly important….
2021-07-25 11:17
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Yea they give eachother handjobs under the table. Good team bonded and synergy
2021-07-25 12:25
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Cum is important so ye..
2021-07-25 13:50
Not MAJ3R, he is too old and his tactics are outdated. I'm for paz being an IGL and getting imoRR instead of MAJ3R.
2021-07-25 12:30
Turkey ynwx
wins on both sides. if he leaves..
2021-07-25 11:11
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Big Faven > xanta
2021-07-25 11:12
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Turkey ynwx
we will see it :)
2021-07-25 11:20
Turkey WagaBond
He played in Turkey until 2018.But turkey has internet and economic problems. so eu is a better option for him
2021-07-25 11:14
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Faze > big He even could play in g2 > amanek
2021-07-25 11:15
if he was smart he would learn german and marry a german girl
2021-07-25 11:21
Germany Kit_su
because he wants to get paid, so Turkish scene is not an option
2021-07-25 11:22
He played with Turkey for years but none of his teams was ever relevant.
2021-07-25 11:45
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That was ages ago.. new talent up&rising meanwhile…..
2021-07-25 12:02
Germany Ryuzth
He's feeling thank you on BIG so let him be mens))
2021-07-25 11:47
Turkey yeeGeT
Everything is going to be clear in a month. Woxic Xantares Calyx Imorr and a 5th turkish player coming up with a new team (there is a slight change that org could be barcelona). 5th player is DEFINIETLY NOT MAJ3R or NgiN. Mayybe possibru paz but dont think so.
2021-07-25 12:05
what if: -rain -olof +xantares +xyp?
2021-07-25 12:17
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would be awesome tho
2021-07-25 12:24
2021-07-25 17:17
it will be happening after his contract
2021-07-25 12:23
Tell Xantares why you're telling us this. lol
2021-07-25 13:54
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