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CSGO Question
catgirl | 
Hungary BiggestEiprilFan 
Is it possible to hit a grenade (for example, a smoke grenade) mid-air with another grenade to divert it and thus making it land elsewhere from the intended location, ruining a smoke wall / site execute?
2021-07-26 00:22
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Canada hsal
ask 3kliksphilip
2021-07-26 00:23
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Ok if you have Twitter, send him this thread
2021-07-26 00:24
No it’s not you can only block it with your body
2021-07-26 00:23
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2021-07-26 00:25
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Because for example you can’t divert grenades/smokes by shooting at them with a bullet so it would make sense that they coded the game so you could only make it change direction by hitting it with your body, none of the other actions will trigger that
2021-07-26 00:29
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But there are no bullets in csgo (no bullet travel time like in fork knife)
2021-07-26 00:32
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But the game still registers it if you hit a grenade with your bullet so it doesn’t matter if that’s what you’re talking about
2021-07-26 00:35
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Yes true but it only registers it as a force not as an object, maybe but idk,
2021-07-26 00:38
grenades can only be diverted telepathically
2021-07-26 00:34
Russia Drapery
no they would go through each other
2021-07-26 00:35
Brazil ghcnvbkn
i dont think so
2021-07-26 00:36
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