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Your CSGO role
Europe kind_dumdum 
Mine is Awp dispencer, bait XD
2021-07-27 03:18
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Entry I guess
2021-07-27 03:19
2021-07-27 03:18
Argentina cheapdeed
igl & major winner
2021-07-27 03:22
i play faceit so my role obviously is bait
2021-07-27 03:22
Greece RedWinter
baiter igl
2021-07-27 03:22
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Ok BlameF
2021-07-27 12:02
Utility buyer, full-time SMG and deagle user, bait, rifle and awp donator, bot.
2021-07-27 03:22
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Europe kind_dumdum
same XD
2021-07-27 03:23
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F to us bro KEKW
2021-07-27 03:24
try avoid smg it just screams amateur
2021-07-27 03:25
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mp9 bestest, im lvl 10 btw
2021-07-27 12:08
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Mate smg is trash, im sure in match long you will find 1 time where to use it and kill all, but in online and other games, smg just as abuse to lagging players and low fps, if someone lags its fact they dont like smg running around near head, but if everyone has 0 ping you just die so fast on that smg :) if you said you are lan player ok i would be surprised but its just faceit.
2021-07-27 13:12
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Excuses, there is no such thing as smg abuser
2021-07-27 14:15
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i meant abuse of lag, abuse of lagging opponent, it probably gets appreciated more in low ranks this smg because opponent can run with 100ms and 50 fps, but for example if you go to lan you will avoid that smg, so in amateur gold nova conditions smgs are great but it just will prove that you are bad player.
2021-07-27 14:18
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thats why pro's still buy smg's?
2021-07-27 15:07
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its last call, desperate cry for help because if round is lost its over go home, but amateurs will buy smg as main weapon because enemy might get high ping or low fps and say omg this weapon so good
2021-07-27 15:09
and ofcourse smg against eco for cash is done once per match but overall smg is not for pro level
2021-07-27 15:10
wtf are you saying
2021-07-27 14:20
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im saying leave faroe islands alone
2021-07-27 14:22
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2021-07-27 15:41
Omg sanji wtf
2021-07-27 13:08
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Fuck I was gonna say "... Also known as Sanji"
2021-07-27 14:02
Nt Aal0o
2021-07-27 13:28
2021-07-27 03:23
same i am a bait
2021-07-27 03:27
Montenegro LakaZakon
2021-07-27 03:25
retired washed up bot. yeah that's me :(
2021-07-27 03:25
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retired from beeing bot?
2021-07-27 03:26
Asia Blitzer
retired former silver 1 pro won the major in 2013 in batman, turkey
2021-07-27 03:27
Depends on my teammates and my mood But most of the time IGL and/or AWP
2021-07-27 03:27
entryfragger mostly very rarely lurker sometimes support i do not use awp, my conscience does not allow, but i can
2021-07-27 03:31
entry and anchor, idk why but i just do these without thinking about them
2021-07-27 03:32
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+1 I always end up going for picks if I'm not site anchor
2021-07-27 06:00
same, on t-side i play entry because i like to be agressive while on ct-side im usually solo site anchor depening on the map
2021-07-27 13:29
2021-07-27 03:34
United States Jeebur
2021-07-27 03:34
if im motivated > IGL play for fun > lurker
2021-07-27 03:35
Canada MiLkBaGzz
2021-07-27 03:36
Auto shotty B rush entry fragger every round
2021-07-27 03:37
2021-07-27 03:41
Europe tacTicaLL
Rifler, lurker
2021-07-27 03:42
Baiter CT side Even bigger baiter T side
2021-07-27 03:43
Asia M@GNU5
I can Lurk, bait, AWP, Support, Extremity, Entry frag, but cannot IGL
2021-07-27 03:44
United States 1600J
Exit fragger and baiter
2021-07-27 03:44
2021-07-27 03:44
Europe Niko0
The guy who you always drop awp to, if you want to win a round.
2021-07-27 03:46
Lurker (involuntary)
2021-07-27 03:47
Troll (first acc) Cheater (second and third acc)
2021-07-27 03:48
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:((((( mens
2021-07-27 04:04
Lurker (bait)
2021-07-27 03:53
retired LEM rifler/support / now I'm focusing on Guilty Gear -Strive- and stopped to play this shitty game
2021-07-27 04:01
igl, lurker, baiter, awper
2021-07-27 04:02
IGL, Support, Lurk, Entry, Bait, Awper, Rifler, Clutcher
2021-07-27 04:03
rifle, lurk, 2nd awp
2021-07-27 04:04
on t side i entry, sometimes open up a site with 3k, sometimes bait for others. kinda like jackz on ct i play b rotation with awp if good money, kind of like k1to
2021-07-27 04:05
2021-07-27 05:45
I go in first mostly, but sometimes in the back throwing utility. On CT i play B mirage, Pit inferno, Long D2, Monster Ovp, Mini/Secret Nuke. Also i never use the AWP because everybody wants to be an awper and i don't think we should have 3 awpers on a team.
2021-07-27 05:52
baiter like s0mple
2021-07-27 05:58
All roles
2021-07-27 06:00
Chile cap_
Entry when my team is trading decently, lurker when they aint trading shit XD
2021-07-27 06:00
OK | 
Brazil okemas
shotgun player
2021-07-27 06:01
Latvia Muminnnnn
lurk awp
2021-07-27 11:20
Don't really have a role but I guess if anything then I'm usually entry
2021-07-27 11:22
Other go1x1n00b
2021-07-27 11:23
Poland pimaZo
A lil bit of lurke and supportive player
2021-07-27 11:25
entry+support in one i drop guns and still 38kills when 16-12
2021-07-27 11:27
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You can't be entry and support in one Dropping guns != support, everyone is dropping Baiter, angle holder spotted
2021-07-27 11:31
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i drop smgs to my bad boys (they dont deserve rifles) i entry even at ecos cuz enemies are piece of shit and my team is piece of shit
2021-07-27 11:34
Czech Republic Poloolpp
honestly everything except awper but mainly entry/support/rifler, i want to become igl but i would need to become a bigger voice
2021-07-27 11:28
Estonia Sn4pzhat
2021-07-27 11:31
Scout + deagler every round
2021-07-27 11:32
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Do you also look at the ground and hit fabulous flicks?
2021-07-27 14:01
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he helicopter dude XD
2021-07-27 15:01
support IGL anchor
2021-07-27 11:35
Australia B_Tannen
Entry on T, B anchor on CT.
2021-07-27 11:35
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2021-07-27 11:45
2021-07-27 11:48
2021-07-27 11:50
2kd baiter
2021-07-27 11:51
Czech Republic BooommmCZE
lurker <3
2021-07-27 11:51
2021-07-27 11:52
entry Hold W all day long
2021-07-27 11:53
The guy with a 0-0-16 score
2021-07-27 11:56
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2021-07-27 14:02
2021-07-27 11:57
No roles, spawn decides my fate xD
2021-07-27 12:00
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yes SpawN decides your fate
2021-07-27 12:05
King, can do anything
2021-07-27 12:04
baiter and bot
2021-07-27 12:06
im a solo queue player '--' but i like to do outplays, entryfrag, individual plays normal pug player holding W... nothing special
2021-07-27 12:07
Mine is mental support
2021-07-27 12:06
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2021-07-27 14:02
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2021-07-27 14:15
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That's a joke ffs! Like I am the one who has no real impact but supports morally! Nvm, it's fine
2021-07-27 14:15
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I'm tired mens(( sorry! But yer you basically described me too, except the odd time I go brr with negev and get a triple
2021-07-27 14:18
lurker, sometimes support or igl usually B anchor on ct side
2021-07-27 12:06
I used to play IGL, If it was needed and/or the team allowed me to.
2021-07-27 12:06
Aggressive / Passive Lurk
2021-07-27 12:09
Entry/lurk/2nd awp
2021-07-27 12:13
2021-07-27 13:09
Buys 1200$ worth of Utility, doesn't use Utility, Dies
2021-07-27 13:11
Entry / 2nd awper
2021-07-27 13:11
Entry t side, AWP CT
2021-07-27 13:12
2021-07-27 13:12
2021-07-27 13:12
Support/ drop guns and IGL B anchor on all sites
2021-07-27 13:14
Portugal cyn1cal
Well, im a good awper, but now I'm usualy the star player at CT side and second lurker at T side
2021-07-27 13:14
India NinX
Lurk/Support >Entry. I only do Entry when I am having an hot hand or Inferno Banana control. Slowly and steadily accepting with older age. I am becoming better at Lurk and support than Entry.
2021-07-27 13:14
Netherlands _FerSen_
Hybride, any role I will clap
2021-07-27 13:14
What ever my team needs me to do. If im playing with friends i just hold W in t and play solo sites on ct
2021-07-27 13:16
2021-07-27 13:17
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2021-07-27 15:03
entry support lurker awper rifler igl bot
2021-07-27 13:17
supporting IGL always taking hardest postions in ct side
2021-07-27 13:19
entry t side awp ct
2021-07-27 13:19
the guy who baits and die name?
2021-07-27 13:19
A bit of everything, but I prefer AWPing.
2021-07-27 13:21
On T-side i am entry, lurk and sometimes awp but on ct im usually a solo site anchor and flanker
2021-07-27 13:26
2021-07-27 13:27
Romania Xyst
Bottom frager
2021-07-27 13:28
Depends on teammates. If they're silent at the beggining - I try to IGL, purpose some basic tactics and then look how it goes. After 2-3 buy rounds analize and adapt for the team. If we have a few good aimers - I just give info and support them. If not - I pick awp and usually carry (till faceit lvl 7). Depending on their lvl of communication I can IGL or almost silent - just giving info. Depending on their lvl of toxicity and moral - I can cheer up the team, be an IGL or just mute them and play solo (but not baiting). I play solo on 6-7lvl and have 1.45 average KD without baiting at all. My main problem is that my sense of the game is not usually same as teammates have, so I have to focus on adapting my game for team, so that It won't be looking that I'm baiting or doing random stuff. I played on 8-10 lvl in party a few times on support role - and it was amazing, I was average player , but our team had been winning. But since I play solo on 6-7lvl, I usually have to adapt or play like "baiter" from their point of view if they don't agree with my suggestions. I've noticed that on FaceIt 6-7, the game is about psychology more. If you have same pov on game with teammate - you can ez beat a team with 1-3 lvl higher but toxic.
2021-07-27 13:34
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Theres nothing wrong with baiting as long as you can win your team the game like that.
2021-07-27 14:07
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yea, that's what I meant. like smart baiting, or asking dump teammates to entry and 90% he dies, but I change him
2021-07-27 14:43
Bottom fragger
2021-07-27 13:36
mobile decoy
2021-07-27 13:39
Entry fragger/Lurker I always do one of the two just automatically, and sometimes awper.
2021-07-27 13:41
Entryfragger and choker on finals Lost a major to s1mple
2021-07-27 13:42
support rifle but recently changed to entry rifle. also do IGLing when team shitting a lot.
2021-07-27 13:44
Korea jin67300
entry lurker awp
2021-07-27 13:45
Sometimes lurking in terms of finding a pick on the other side of the map. Sometimes with the pack either taking agressive duels or trading, Sometimes If I have a good spawn or am feeling confident will go hard entry. Sometimes on CT side will AWP if no one else can /secondary AWP.
2021-07-27 14:05
2021-07-27 14:10
2021-07-27 14:14
Igl T-side, lurker Ct-side anchor
2021-07-27 14:14
Lurker 99%
2021-07-27 14:15
Portugal _andrew_
entry or support
2021-07-27 14:18
2021-07-27 14:21
rifler + best eu support
2021-07-27 14:22
igl lurker
2021-07-27 14:23
Retired now Was support/baiter back to the days (Played B anchor on most maps)
2021-07-27 14:24
+w player I lack motivation to play this game seriously
2021-07-27 14:48
+w , trashtalkh and make the enemies tilt
2021-07-27 14:54
roles in pugs silvers detected
2021-07-27 15:02
Feeding the enemy with kills.
2021-07-27 15:05
Europe Pflatzi
coach, motivating
2021-07-27 15:10
entry and igl 😎 also tbf most of the time people are just baiting so if I dont go first whatever we wanted to do is ripped and if I am useless I just become bait for whoever is good.
2021-07-27 15:13
IGL and AWPer. If I'm not hiting shit i'll drop the awp and pick a rifle or smth. For some reason my teammates rarely buy utility so i have to play shitty guns to make up for that. for some reason i'm usually the last to die, so i get to clutch very often
2021-07-27 15:16
entry/b anchor sometimes awper when other are bad than me
2021-07-27 15:18
I usually play scout /AWP on ct. When my team is low on utility or has better awper - I switch to famas or M4 and kit + utility and take places where my team is weak. On T sides, I kinda make strats and try to take space. Mostly I will get killed first - or sometimeys teammates execute on another site when I am holding rotations etc.. and then my role is more of a lurker who has to clutch.
2021-07-27 15:27
entry or awper
2021-07-27 15:40
I was really good entry in 2016 2017 and yes i was mad sometimes to my friends even they bait me and got killed lmao. Mens im old now very bed
2021-07-27 15:44
IGL-Support (Excuses to frag badly are endless)
2021-07-27 15:48
I generally lurk/support with a rifle on T-side. On the CT-side I often anchor/2nd AWP. I often end up in and succeed in clutch situations. But I'm pretty flexible!
2021-07-27 15:48
Hard Carry, IGL, Entry, Support, Lurk, Awp, Anchor, Rotator, sometimes i add a bit of coaching in there too
2021-07-27 15:52
1 reply
nt s1mple alt
2021-07-27 15:56
idiot who leaves after pistol round
2021-07-27 15:53
entry coz no one wants to entry. i dont really care about score as long as i know i gave my teammates space then i feel rlly good already. having a multifrag in a round is a big bonus: basically a guaranteed round win already
2021-07-27 15:57
Germany frankturv
Entry or support, deppends on how my aim it's
2021-07-27 15:58
Lurker on ct, entry on t and sometimes awper when no one picks it up (1/30 of the time)
2021-07-27 16:00
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