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Brazil Orgs
way2sexy | 
Argentina NicolEwE 
I don't understand why teams like NineNine, Patins da Ferrari or MEGAZORD still have no org. Teams with very good results and great potential that for some reason nobody notices. Megazord even got promoted to Series A. Why is this?
2021-07-27 06:50
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United States habibi_exe
2021-07-27 06:52
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Germany kekeke_
Olé Samba!
2021-07-27 06:55
Cause even if they are decent its a money lost for the orgs, no way they win profit with those teams
2021-07-27 06:56
no financial return. That's why low tier BR players can't get better unlike EU and CIS.
2021-07-27 07:04
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idk, i mean, at this moment brazil is a really profitable country in esports. Maybe not for low tier orgs, but if u have an org with a huge fanbase, the absence of tournament winnings shouldn't be a problem. In addition, many tournaments are by invitation, and they never invite rosters without orgs, so the fact that these teams do not play the most important tournaments begins in the very act of not having org. I understand that it is a considerable investment, but again I find it unusual that squads like MEGAZORD are without an org, since they are currently in one of the best leagues in Brazil.
2021-07-27 08:32
Investment in esports in brazil has a very positive outlook right now with MIBR academy, Havan, kNg's new project and some new esports arenas being built in sao paulo (Pacaembu and Ginásio do Ibirapuera privatizations) but it's still small to accomodate all the teams that have potential. Especially since there's too many costs (bootcamps, computers etc) and risks (them not being good enough, fans not backing them) for all of them to be worth it IMO but there could be other reasons too
2021-07-27 08:43
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