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Guatemala GuateBubbles 
I am looking for a good movie that I can watch with my family. Usually they watch very awful films, so I want to show them something decent. Family members are age 9, 12, 15, and parents. Curse words/sex/violence are a no-go. I am thinking "Now You See Me" or "The Prestige." The Prestige is very good, but I'm not sure if it will be a bit too slow paced for them. Now You See Me is the secondary option. Any other suggestions?
2021-07-28 02:28
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2021-07-28 02:30
cars 1.2.3
2021-07-28 02:30
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Cars is a banger, but they have already seen it many times
2021-07-28 02:31
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how about soul? I thought it was very beautiful :D
2021-07-28 02:32
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They've seen that too. They watch all the PG disney/pixar stuff, so I'm trying to pick something they haven't seen but that's still family-friendly
2021-07-28 02:34
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Star Wars?
2021-07-28 16:42
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How did I not think of this
2021-07-28 19:16
Brazil tucabrum
2021-07-28 02:31
2021-07-28 02:37
United States TrashPanda
This is easy, hands down, Tommy Boy.
2021-07-28 02:39
2021-07-28 16:43
The Incredibles 1 and 2. Recently rewatched it and honestly very fun movies
2021-07-28 16:45
DD | 
Andorra breasts
the bicycle thief
2021-07-28 16:46
Django Unchained
2021-07-28 16:52
wall e is one of the best
2021-07-28 16:56
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