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how to meditate
Japan ShinjiIkari 
just close your eyes and don't think?
2021-07-29 22:42
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You're a weeb you already don't think, half way there
2021-07-29 22:43
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2021-07-29 22:46
United Kingdom BigTimeCEO
2021-07-29 22:57
no, you gotta think about chrisJ
2021-07-29 22:43
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth
2021-07-29 22:43
Try to kick out every thought that crosses your mind, focus on breathing, sit comfortable
2021-07-29 22:44
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isn't it wrong to forcefully "kick out" thoughts? shouldn't you just let the thoughts flow while breathing and relaxing until you emptied your mind and let it flow by itself?
2021-07-29 22:49
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Tbh there is no wrong and right, whatever works for you, is good, like first few minutes kicking them out works for me, after that I can relax
2021-07-29 22:54
God | 
Brazil Lewcifer
deep breathe in controlled breathe out repeat till you see buddah
2021-07-29 22:44
It's a lot about controlling your breathing but there's many tips online you can find
2021-07-29 22:45
close your eyes sit still and think about hot girls you wont even realize how much time has passed you'll become a pro in no time
2021-07-29 22:47
Trying to make your mind go blank completely is not how you meditate, I wonder where that misconception comes from
2021-07-29 22:48
its best to do object meditation. light a canndle or put something infront of u and focus on this shit while u breath and if ur focus shifts from this thing u can just go refocus on that thing and then once u are good at this u just do it without object.
2021-07-29 22:49
Ireland reyno0o
Sit relaxed and watch your breathing (don't force the breath, just watch it go by itself, in and out). If your mind wanders, just smile when you notice it's wandering and then guide yourself back to your breath. Keep a light background awareness of sounds outside and sensations in the body while you're watching the breath At the beginning you will only be able to watch a few breaths at a time before getting distracted. This is normal. Just keep smiling and guiding yourself back to your breath. If you find it difficult, counting the breaths in groups of ten can be helpful when starting. This is a good place to start. Eventually when you get better you can start going into more detail on the sensations of the breath but that's more advanced. The Mind Illuminated is a great book to learn how to meditate.
2021-07-29 22:57
Headspace app or .com /Closed
2021-07-30 03:22
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