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dayZ tips
Brazil zzzzzzznt 
i just started dayz and the game is too hard, i keep dying from starvation, any tips?
2021-07-30 05:38
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My tip is switching to Tarkov. If not then watch some guide/tips videos on youtube.
2021-07-30 05:41
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sadly, if I run tarkov on my pc its instant explosion
2021-07-30 05:47
Italy steven513
Just don't play it))) xaxaxa jk
2021-07-30 05:45
rush fishing pole and fish
2021-07-30 05:46
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2021-07-30 05:47
Russia Drapery
Go to a town and loot houses I guess
2021-07-30 05:47
Just eat food
2021-07-30 05:59
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