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I hope this shows the people to get vaccinated
2021-07-30 22:50
more propaganda?
2021-07-30 22:51
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based paganist gavrilo
2021-07-30 22:52
5 Children without a dad just because of antivaxx facebook propaganda. If i was the wife, i would sue the zucc.
2021-07-30 22:53
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Italy I_like_csgo
You would not be very smart if you were his wife 🤔
2021-07-30 22:56
But are you sure that he would have remained alive if he had been vaccinated?
2021-07-30 22:55
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Vaccine doesn't prevent getting infected at 100% However it lowers significantly chances of severe symptoms leading to death
2021-07-30 23:01
India spiderCAKE
Sad but these days it's the survival of the smartest
2021-07-30 22:56
natural selection
2021-07-30 22:58
How does the vaccine prevent you from getting the virus retard. Does it shoot with mini guns before it reaches your body? remember
2021-07-30 23:08
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No, but it gives mini guns to your inmune system. If it reach your body, you'll be more prepared than someone who see it for the first time.
2021-07-30 23:10
if you take the vaccine, chances are hight that you develop a mild version of the disease instead of a severe one br brain
2021-07-30 23:10
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