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Denmark Ju1cek 
Seriously, i really don't think astralis should pick him up, after all those allegations and that bug abuse (alot of coaches did it but they didn't do anything else other than that). Hunden simply can't be trusted at all, cmon astralis, pick someone else as your coach.
2021-07-31 04:23
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Poland Neo[T]orius
Astralis literally is a shady org lol. People are just mad at hunden for no reason. I just learned that it is a thing in the coach community to trade strats among other teams for giving one of yours.
2021-07-31 04:26
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I think the major problems was the trust issue. Hunden traded the information without asking his teammates. The team voted unanimously to not let him go to cologne. That thing made me worry about the nature of information. Sure hunded will say it is not a big deal, but if your teammates don't back you, something fishy.
2021-07-31 04:43
they won't
2021-07-31 04:30
I wouldn't be surprised if they still did considering how shady Astralis is as a org
2021-07-31 04:37
United States TrashPanda
Who do you think the team was that he shared the info with?
2021-07-31 04:39
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Asia M@GNU5
prolly everyone
2021-07-31 04:44
Astralis lol..
2021-07-31 04:56
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United States TrashPanda
+1 lmao
2021-07-31 12:52
Denmark theHeniek
Rejin then?
2021-07-31 04:47
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Or maybe buy ruggah from OG.,
2021-07-31 04:55
Japan Peine
Astralis is a bad org, but I don't want the legendary players being affiliated with someone like him
2021-07-31 04:50
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