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Today's bets
cadiaN | 
CIS Giros_Urban 
Navi Junior EZ Young Ninjas EZ Team S0mple EZ Team Dosia EZ Team Magixx EZ Big academy EZ mouz nxt EZ See you tomorrow mens)) Ez free money for a weekend and betabux some girls)))
2021-07-31 12:44
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Ok, but which one do you think would win? Fnatic (with golden and JW) or Fnatic Rising?
2021-07-31 12:52
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ropz | 
United States Goob
krimz on his own could probably beat fnatic rising
2021-07-31 23:45
yur mum ez XD
2021-07-31 12:55
i will bet that but if lose i will come and betabux your girls
2021-07-31 12:58
where you guys bet?
2021-07-31 12:58
Latvia offliner228
2021-07-31 12:59
You can bet on this 2x2 matches? Wtf
2021-07-31 13:25
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You can bet on literally anything if you are looking hard enough
2021-07-31 23:39
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Too bad my site(s) didn't have them 2v2s, 100% predict rate so far.
2021-07-31 23:44
so ez mens so ez
2021-07-31 23:36
how much did you make mens?
2021-07-31 23:46
Enjoy your 69 rubles :D
2021-07-31 23:51
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