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CS:GO mysterious fleets
Portugal LADY_NINI - 
Sometimes Valve's social team decides to take us by surprise, today they used a feature that is about to be deleted by Twitter devs themselves. Are they trolling... or? What's happening here? Source:
2021-07-31 23:32
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Denmark pebblez
They are definitely just doing a little bit of trolling, people are reading too much into it.
2021-07-31 23:33
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Imagine pressing "F" to delete your enemies.
2021-07-31 23:34
United States Rayduh
they are trolling Bubzkji
2021-07-31 23:33
Ale | 
Finland ksiBOB
they are trolling dupreeh
2021-07-31 23:35
Brazil Bactuga
they are trolling Gla1ve
2021-07-31 23:36
they are trolling Xyp9x
2021-07-31 23:39
Brazil NotJuan
they are trolling Lady Nini
2021-07-31 23:40
ropz | 
United States Goob
bout to fix the mouse jump bug in 2022
2021-07-31 23:51
they are trolling the whole CS community with fleets meeenn I Dont want to get my hopes up for nothing to just go face flat to a wall again. I swear there is an update planned. I need more of copium pls someone
2021-07-31 23:53
Updates: I missed this fleet too. Damn, I can't catch anything. :(
2021-08-02 11:23
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