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i think it's not a coincidence that sprout bench denis and few days after big announces their new player = kicking xantares, xantares to join sprout? he has a lot of experience in playing with germans so he would be a 8/8 match, just wait for sprout to reach top10 with our turkish friend and now 4 real, is it true that turkish superteam is going to happen and that xantares will be playing there?
2021-08-01 01:26
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xantares to join loba's fpl team
2021-08-01 01:27
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Loba Xantares PASHANOJ Dosia + somebody from fpl Ez major winners
2021-08-01 01:38
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+GOAT day0s EZ Major Winners 😎👍
2021-08-01 09:16
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+1 but +rigon
2021-08-02 00:33
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Fuck Navi, Gambit, G2. This team #1 but -Dosia + BLACKEAGLE
2021-08-02 01:51
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dosia coach musti fifth player
2021-08-02 02:00
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2021-08-02 02:12
This was commented wrong sorry
2021-08-02 01:51
Dude, he literally left BIG because neither German nor English worked out for him that well.
2021-08-01 01:29
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it was supposed to be a joke
2021-08-01 01:34
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Sorry dude, I saw one rumour with FaZe, one with CoL and plenty of rumours that he will switch off to Valorant. They become so stupid that you can't tell the difference between a joke and a serious claim.
2021-08-01 01:36
>top 5-10 >not worked out for him that well.
2021-08-01 01:35
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2021-08-01 01:38
Turkey TheTurks!
dude come on, he speaks enough English for CS
2021-08-01 01:42
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2021-08-01 09:24
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lol yes
2021-08-01 09:32
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If he speaks enough english, why is he still using anani sikoyim?
2021-08-01 09:38
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why wouldnt he use turkish slangs
2021-08-01 09:55
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Is it slang or a very very bad insult?
2021-08-01 10:00
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it is bad but nowadays every one is using it it is as common as ^wtf^
2021-08-01 13:36
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>what the fuck >fuck your mom nice
2021-08-01 13:39
Luxembourg Aybars1
are you serious? 0/8
2021-08-01 20:06
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Yes i am, why would you insult someone in a foreign language?
2021-08-01 20:07
2021-08-01 09:28
Finland hermion
Xantares is staying in big bro
2021-08-01 09:34
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bottares igl?? mf has 0 gamesense and he's gonna be igl? 0/8 bait
2021-08-01 09:57
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0 gamesense ? omegalul why dont u check his clutches speak later huh?
2021-08-01 13:37
Yes he's going to IGL you silver, In his new team he has the most experience in high level competition. He knows what to expect from teams and players in top tier CS, It would be fucking stupid to put any of the other players into the IGL role. woxic need to focus or he falls apart, When he would mid round with mouse it was shit. calyx and paz are OK rifle/support they are not good enough to carry their roles and IGL. imoRR has never broken out as a player, he's tier 2, you don't put a t2 player in charge if you plan on going far as a team against T1 teams. uninstall kid go play valulrant.
2021-08-01 19:59
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Turkey TheTurks!
Well said
2021-08-02 00:31
JW | 
Sweden EntonXD
2021-08-02 01:48
XANTARES Woxic Calyx imorr paz
2021-08-02 01:52
2021-08-02 02:01
Yok haminaa No way
2021-08-02 02:20
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