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EliGE heartbreaking
France Haibara 
It seems like one of my favorite player EliGE is no longer interested in playing CS:GO, he couldn't even win Mythic content creator cups against the likes of Xeppaa/leaf/junior and he is supposed to be the best player in NA? Also, every time I watch his stream, he seems to be playing ranked in "the other game" instead of grinding FPL, I think he is the next Ethan, super bright talent, but just don't have the interest or commitment to stay in this game, and I think Liquid and EliGE can mutually agree to part aways. Again, I HATE TO SAY THIS because I LOVE ELIGE, but if he is no longer interested in playing this game, I would rather see more dedicated and more committed player on Team Liquid (EU or NA player, doesn't matter to me)
2021-08-02 03:44
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NiKo | 
Denmark Ju1cek
He's lost confidence and motivation ever since nitro left and online era came in
2021-08-02 03:45
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+1, twistzz betrayed him too poor guy.
2021-08-02 07:04
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NiKo | 
Denmark Ju1cek
Twistzz was meant to do that when they got grim, they could've gotten an igl instead of grim or an awper. The lack of an igl brought down the team and someone had to leave, twistzz had to push the button.
2021-08-02 07:30
From the vlogs and Twistzz's interviews, it's seems like the only person he was close to was Nitr0 so he wasn't really betraying anyone by leaving + Obviously letting Elige take on the star role over him kinda made him suffer stat wise
2021-08-02 08:16
Everything fucked up Hope the old five get play again some day
2021-08-02 15:32
Twist bettayed him? Its team who betrayed twist u mongol. They intentionally were going to eat to places where twist couldnt go because he had somekind of stomatch problem.
2021-08-02 19:12
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Italy steven513
Lol did he mention this? I know he has irritable bowel syndrome, but how did you come up with this scenario?
2021-08-02 19:16
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He said that in interview next day(or few days) after he announced that he leaves liquid
2021-08-02 23:03
hahahahha, this one thread is actually pretty funny, nice on haibara, stop making those garbage threads and do more of these
2021-08-02 03:46
Lithuania Sedge
the fact hes not dedicated, and still plays better than his whole team is probably the reason why he has lost interest
2021-08-02 03:46
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Yugoslavia Smooshy_
yeah i don't think anyone is blaming him. he carried since forever and now he got tired of it
2021-08-02 15:36
device | 
Denmark JKTP
Haibara thread alright
2021-08-02 03:48
DD | 
Andorra breasts
cuz he came to terms that grand slam was a fluke
2021-08-02 03:51
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Not sure how you're supposed to fluke win 7 tournaments, 5 of which were won in a row but okay.
2021-08-02 05:02
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2021-08-02 05:06
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2021-08-02 07:46
Andorra amongus
Same could be said about SK and their fluke run in 2017.
2021-08-02 07:46
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Also fluke
2021-08-02 07:58
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Italy steven513
2021-08-02 19:16
2021-08-02 05:36
Japan Kosaki
2021-08-02 07:22
Japan PKcrash
2021-08-03 08:16
first 8/8 thread from haibara
2021-08-02 03:52
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India nadeeeee
2021-08-02 19:08
Very true
2021-08-03 08:19
Finally 8/8 bait
2021-08-02 04:08
if lulquid dont win shit this year they might switch no cap
2021-08-02 04:21
Am I seeing 8/8 thread by haibara? Damn, never thought I'll see this day.
2021-08-02 04:29
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2021-08-03 08:19
if not for the comments i truly would have fell for this congrats
2021-08-02 04:34
i mean they had moE so you could essentially say they played 3.5 vs 5
2021-08-02 04:51
Streaming VALORANT right now
2021-08-02 04:52
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gotta be prepared to join valorant when he becomes washed up
2021-08-02 05:08
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True that.paychecks needs to keep going
2021-08-02 05:41
Italy steven513
lmfao he's so tilted and i just tuned in
2021-08-02 06:04
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just clicked the link and he ace'd haha
2021-08-02 06:15
India procax
True its just sad to see him playing valo
2021-08-02 05:28
-Elige + Coldzera
2021-08-02 05:33
"he is the next Ethan" stopped reading right there lol. ELiGE is the greatest NA player of all time. Ethan is nothing compared to him EDIT: I do actually agree with you and I pray to god ELiGE finally leaves Liquid so he can go do something with his career instead of being so stagnant. He should go to FaZe with Twistzzz once olof is officially done
2021-08-02 05:42
Is rich as fuck, one of the most accomplished players in the scene, nothing to prove, CSGO is becoming boring, like a chore for these pros instead of a passion, especially in online era.
2021-08-02 06:00
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+1, game becomes repetitive and stale for him, playing same game for years and practicing for so much is draining for sure, they brought vertigo which is a mess and ancient right now. Guess the only motivation for him could be winning major
2021-08-02 06:31
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Many pros (like NiKo) have said before that they have lost their passion for the game because it has become their job and doing this 10 hours a day for like the past 7 years is alienating but what keeps them going (aside from the money) is the rush and adrenaline of competing on LAN and especially in front of a crowd.
2021-08-02 06:37
okay? so? Make a move like Tarik and bench yourself, allow a younger player that actually has that drive to compete at the next level. It's selfish IMO to be obviously burnt out, take the paycheck and not bench yourself, streaming valorant and shit. Or make a decision like Ethan and others and just switch games.
2021-08-02 15:42
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Depends how strong you hate the game and what offer you have in another game, Ethan switched to 100T one of the biggest org. I doubt he will quit EG just to be looking for valorant team, people switch if they direct offer ready and they are in position where they cannot perform or wouldn't find team if they left theirs
2021-08-03 08:11
United States Rayduh
Honestly it just seems like CS is getting less and less fun because not a lot of new maps or innovation or new meta
2021-08-02 19:07
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2021-08-03 08:11
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United States Rayduh
the only thing holding me back is because i already spent like 5000 hours playing + watching this dead game
2021-08-03 10:59
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i have 7k on steam but i did a lot of gambling and trading before so had game on a lot when not playing. I gave up as mm is unplayable in NA (USA), my last mm match I had 3 cheaters in my game, the anti-cheat is a joke and I quit faceit in march 2020 or something as it was awful in NA as well as it was either 5 stacks pros at my elo which I cannot do anything against or just play Mythic hub but people are so depressed or toxic even after round 1, just showed me what kind of people play cs
2021-08-03 11:05
Switched from starcraft to a game he found more interesting and competitive and he's doing the same thing now. What's the big deal?? I hope Elige makes the switch, he will be so insane in that game.
2021-08-02 07:42
6/8 tbh
2021-08-02 08:00
are you dumb?? it's player break and he's having fun, let him play valorant. check other player's cs hours during this break, guarantee you they aren't playing much cs. he said ON STREAM that he is NOT switching to valorant anytime soon.
2021-08-02 08:21
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France Haibara
2021-08-02 15:27
Sad if true. EliGE CS still loves you <3
2021-08-02 15:43
this was elaborate enough to be funny without being overkill, 7/8 :D
2021-08-02 15:46
elige would be auch a god in valorant. most likely the best player if he switches.
2021-08-02 15:53
Thats kinda homo tbh
2021-08-02 19:14
Expected bait from Haibara
2021-08-15 06:08
It's player break and imo they're only playing the mythic cups to stay warmed up during the break.
2021-08-15 06:15
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