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GorrilaZ update
sterling | 
Netherlands SYDK 
well, I couldn't find anything on twitter in an instant, but apparently they got Ritchee (Belgium rifler from EC Brugge) and HS and even got lmbt as coach. interesting picks because that prob means sergej will stay on awp
2021-08-14 12:28
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GorillaZ* I can't type
2021-08-14 12:29
week old news buddy but ok
2021-08-14 12:30
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ropz | 
United States Goob
damn we all learn about something sometime
2021-08-14 12:31
couldnt find anything on twitter, but i hear navi won esl cologne! good on them!
2021-08-14 12:47
still dont know why sergej wants to awp, he's way way better with rifles
2021-08-14 12:31
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Say that to s1mple or zywoo when they started to awp. Sergej has always awped btw, he came to ence as awper but then allu took the role.
2021-08-14 12:32
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Wasn't Allu the first member of that roster? He decided to make this team and invited sergej, as far as I remember
2021-08-14 12:44
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Allu wanted AleksiB and AleksiB took sergej with him even tho he couldnt continue awping. This is what I understood
2021-08-14 12:50
yeah he was, sergej was an awper before ence i think
2021-08-14 12:51
lmfao a lot of trust in sergej succeeding. Others have tanked their careers by trying to awp (Pimp is a good example). Also s1mple and Zywoo didn't start awping when they became top 20 players. They have always been awping.
2021-08-14 12:50
lmbt is a decent pickup, most underrated coach in my opinion.
2021-08-14 12:37
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most overrated tbh, in CIS everyone praises him but after mouz he didnt do anything and even managed to ruin forZe
2021-08-14 12:49
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tought he was decent in mouz, ok thx for opinion
2021-08-14 12:52
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he was imo but could be explained because of how good the roster was. Hes very smart and knows a lot about this game but for some reason he just cant apply himself at coaching
2021-08-14 12:53
+1 such low level coach
2021-08-14 12:53
I’m pretty sure they’ve always had him
2021-08-14 12:52
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