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kennys when?
kennyS | 
Germany Normal_hltvuser 
still not back ill cry :(
2021-08-15 19:37
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he is def not comming back, he will become full time streamer like he is now He has done great things for csgo and has had great career but it's time to go, he could obviously play in a top20 team but not tier1 He is very awp abuser and quite overrated for the last 4 years
2021-08-15 19:39
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nice are you his manager
2021-08-15 21:06
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Yea he is. I know him.
2021-08-15 21:22
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but you are silver 2 how do you know kenny
2021-08-15 21:22
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emilia is like silver 5 but she dates device, so
2021-08-15 21:25
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2021-08-16 07:14
yeah right silver 5 and dating a level 8 is normal
2021-08-16 07:32
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device 5x top3 stay mad
2021-08-16 15:42
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most overrated go cry
2021-08-16 18:57
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how can you be overrated with 4 major wins and smth like 18 mvps? hes just one of the best csgo players :)
2021-08-16 19:02
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why he shit now? he was in a good systematic team that's why he did all that
2021-08-17 15:29
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give it some time
2021-08-17 16:53
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take it
2021-08-17 20:28
KennyS = French Allu
2021-08-15 21:22
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Finland Stonkamies
Allus and KennyS awp styles are like completely opposite
2021-08-15 21:29
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no i mean washed up bots...
2021-08-16 07:13
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None of them is a washed up YET
2021-08-16 07:19
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2021-08-16 07:21
washed up probably bot no
2021-08-16 08:57
Latvia heywire
bro he is like 26 this should be his prime.
2021-08-17 18:13
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Prime for cs: 19-24, usually 22-23 After 25 they start becoming worse, with the exception of Hobbit
2021-08-22 08:25
sign him jason lake
2021-08-15 19:39
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He doesn't speak Danish.
2021-08-22 08:32
i feel like he ain't coming back
2021-08-15 19:41
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He will go to Valorant for sure, mark my words.
2021-08-17 18:14
DD | 
Andorra breasts
kennys, guardian, these guys are too outdated
2021-08-15 19:42
:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( I also need him back
2021-08-15 21:04
he is the true goat, would be great to see him in a team again.
2021-08-15 21:10
Russia ToughGuy
when he start hitting shots
2021-08-15 21:16
I think he likes his new lifestyle. He's still earning his salary, backed up by G2, focusing on improving his personal brand, enjoying content creation, relieved... If teams want to sign him they can btw. He's in the open market
2021-08-15 21:32
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KennyS isn't a free agent unfortunately, he's still contracted to G2 so there is a substantial buyout associated with him. Hence why no teams are picking him up because they'd be paying an exorbitant amount for a poorly performing AWPer. He also continues to earn the same salary allocated within his contract while streaming full time and judging by his overall attitude whilst streaming, he seems fairly content with doing what he's doing.
2021-08-16 09:06
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Bro. You stopped his name from checking out :(
2021-08-16 09:08
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I didn't even realise but damn. I did him real bad...
2021-08-16 09:09
But I didn't say he was F/A, I said he's in the market and they can pick him up for a fair amount of money. Even Carlos made a public statement to help him out find a new team Agreed with the rest
2021-08-16 17:07
I don't know if that's true, but yesterday smooya said his contract is still valid for 2 years. And that kennyS is not planning to return as a PRO player.
2021-08-15 21:34
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wtfff completely opposite of what kenny assures us in streams
2021-08-16 08:57
Lowkey i rarely enjoy his stream highlights, i will always like him for he was and i remember knowing about him before even knowing esports scene but he just does not click for me as a person.
2021-08-15 21:59
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Argentina Gambito71
Its kinda cringe sometimes xd its like dendi from dota 2
2021-08-16 07:29
Romania wadd
No more pennyS in twitch chat:((
2021-08-16 07:15
United States GGtho
Washed up bot, only knows awping and misses easiest of shots, just let this bot stream
2021-08-16 07:20
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2021-08-17 17:12
its safe to say that he will retire soon
2021-08-16 07:21
if kennyS quits, I quit csgo ( probably )
2021-08-16 07:26
Argentina cheapdeed
yes i love KennyS the valorant player!!
2021-08-16 07:28
true i miss him a lot plz one last dance on LAN kenny then i can live in peace
2021-08-16 08:58
Germany NitczkaCS
I think we will see him in a new team but when
2021-08-16 15:33
Indonesia lukerey
he's probably will back for one last dance next year. or just stay as a streamer. i really hope he's going to valorant tbh. love to see him on jett with OP. i bet he will be good if he put enough time on it.
2021-08-16 15:36
United States gweees
His buyout is probably huge from G2
2021-08-16 15:37
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2021-08-17 18:12
He will come back when Guardian comes back
2021-08-17 17:05
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would be one of the best moments in history, 2 of the greatest to ever touch the game comeback
2021-08-17 17:12
nobody is gonna buy him out so hes probably gonna be streaming until his contract ends and switch to valorant or something
2021-08-17 17:14
if smooya was right, kennys never gonna return
2021-08-17 17:15
He is not coming back anytime soon. He is screwed like Guardian was. Guardian was inconsistent for 6-8 months and sitting on Navi bench did not help him either. Kenny on the other hand has been inconsistent longer than Guardian was and is still under contract with G2, no one is going pay his buyout.
2021-08-17 21:33
someone gotta give the legend a chance in a t1 LAN event. maybe he wasnt the best player but he was the most suffocating player for the rival team on the server back in his prime. kinda vibe i get from only zywoo and simple
2021-08-17 21:40
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