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Stereo Headphones or 2 speakers?
Russia ty1ercs 
What should I choose at csgo sound settings? I remember, one of them may cause input lag, but I don't remember
2021-08-28 16:33
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Russia zj2
i heard 2 speakers is better
2021-08-28 16:34
DD | 
Andorra breasts
i heard stereo headphones is better
2021-08-28 16:35
2 speakers doesn't give as much detail in terms of sound. With headphones, you can hear one footstep and know exactly where your enemy is (assuming you know the map v well). With speakers, this doesn't work. You'll probably get the same input lag, but you can expect 2ms of lag due to the speed of sound thru air when using speakers. Makes no difference really
2021-08-28 16:36
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+1 Great explanation I personally prefer a headset as it deadens all exterior noise and I can hear the game better, but each to their own
2021-09-15 15:44
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