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Don't matter. No matter who you vote for you will never escape the current neo-liberal paradigm.
2021-09-14 02:00
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United States Rayduh
I feel
2021-09-14 02:01
I wish we had a competent neo-liberal paradigm for once instead of a fiscal and inflationist shitshow though
2021-09-14 02:03
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Its only going to get worst
2021-09-14 02:05
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yea cant argue with that
2021-09-14 02:07
JW | 
Ireland Sodaking
frankly the only question is how bad can things get ? cause i have some ideas on how bad it will get hopefully we don't get there tho
2021-09-14 02:56
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It will end in the complete abolition of personal autonomy.
2021-09-14 04:28
2021-09-14 03:10
If there is one absolute in politicians it’s that their main goals are purely of self-interest
2021-09-14 02:20
That's both untrue and a non-sequiter.. Extra points deducted for the useless word neo-liberal
2021-09-14 02:30
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Neo-liberal is our current regime, not a useless word
2021-09-14 04:29
DD | 
Andorra breasts
deep shit bro keep it up
2021-09-14 02:31
I doubt tony evers will last another election so I expect to be back to red fairly soon.
2021-09-14 02:43
Argentina An7uan
Minarquism will win votes over the time
2021-09-14 02:57
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milei president?
2021-09-14 03:10
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Argentina An7uan
No but the culture is going to be more libertariam through the years
2021-09-15 04:25
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I think the same
2021-09-15 18:36
Politics are for the lazy that wanna feel moral superiority over others even tho every political position out there is absolute retardation.
2021-09-15 18:42
cyberdemocrasy or cybertirany, two only ways for future
2021-09-15 18:44
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