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Extra Salt
United States The_Weed_Smoker 
Almost losing to a team that got completely swept out of EPL. This team is clearly not ready for EU and further proof that Funspark was nothing more than an absolute fluke. Once NA realizes their scene is done is the day the CS scene can finally reach its pinnacle.
2021-09-15 03:28
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Valor | 
North America Shehp
country doesnt check out nt
2021-09-15 03:37
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he's a fakeflagger NA hater
2021-09-15 03:38
be nice to everyone please
2021-09-15 03:39
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As an NA disrespecter I cannot
2021-09-15 03:55
2021-09-15 03:57
Brazil williamhsk1
More respect for NA teams, pls
2021-09-15 04:10
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2021-09-15 04:52
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2021-09-15 05:52
bad bait
2021-09-15 04:11
B1T | 
United States xcalibot
crackheads opinion doesn't count
2021-09-15 05:47
2021-09-15 05:55
i know this is a bait, but like, no team plays exactly the same. ES could struggle against a team like BNB but beat a team like forZe, and forZe could end up beating BNB. its not always a game of absolutes, even G2 went 0-5 in groups, show a little respect
2021-09-15 06:03
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