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Russia, please explain why three candidates with the same name?
Finland Goble81 
Someone who knows about Russian election system, please explain why two people have "just by con-indident" changed their name few months before the elections to be exactly the same as with a third candidate who happens to be anti-Putin candidate? Is it maybe a trick to smoke screen people to give their votes to "wrong" person and this way taking away votes from the "real" candidate? No, Putin would not do anything like this. Right? Someone over there is this web article a joke or are there really three people with the same name and two of them changed their real name just few months ago before the elections? Certainly sounds like something from Simpsons comics.
2021-09-15 14:49
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The article is true, the government wants the real guy to receive less votes than he can I mean, every election someone creates parties with almost same names like the real popular parties have, but it's for sure new level.
2021-09-15 14:53
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2021-09-15 14:52
i am | 
Finland iBait
Election fraud? In Russia? No way.
2021-09-15 14:53
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never happened
2021-09-15 18:16
United States 3manu3l
2021-09-15 14:51
2021-09-15 15:07
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2021-09-15 14:59
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2021-09-15 14:59
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why did you post that? post-irony?
2021-09-15 15:00
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why be ironic? who do you propose to vote for?
2021-09-15 15:03
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for no one. By taking action in this fiction you're making it look like it really matters. C'mon, living in authoritarian country and believing in elections? Pick one Also, I do really hope you don't think that other parties are differ from each other
2021-09-15 15:10
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if for no one, then for Edro and for Putin
2021-09-15 15:13
it obviously matters or they wouldn't make such an effort with the fraud
2021-09-15 16:29
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this spectacle is being played for both communities inside and outside the country
2021-09-15 16:38
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yeah ofc, so make them nervous :)
2021-09-15 16:39
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shut up u b1tch u have no idea what u're talking about
2021-09-15 16:44
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Didn't your parent teach you any manners?
2021-09-15 16:47
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that's how you learned to talk on hltv LMAO
2021-09-15 16:48
dont fool urself u're just a lazy person who doesn't want to get smart you dont understand that it doesn't work? dor 22 years it didn't work. Those who do not vote - their votes are falsified We can win by forcibly dismissing Putin - only if there are will be fewer of his minions in power All your personal data are on "gosuslugi" services from which you urself gave access
2021-09-15 16:43
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it's obvious, dude. Your vote means nothing in both cases, whether you're against the main party or just pass the selection. There's only one option and you know exactly what kind of option I'm talking about. Do you love your country? Love means taking action
2021-09-15 18:33
its so sad its almost funny. Fortunately male life expectancy is very low in russia and I dont think there is anyone to keep up this clown fest after putin is gone... after that I think these things might start improving
2021-09-15 15:27
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i hope we will develop quickly when this is over
2021-09-15 15:41
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press x to doubt. most of the money is in the hands of oligarchs, so not much has changed from times of the czars. it does seem an inevitability that all the power, be it economical or political always end up in the hands of a few in russia, eh? it was just as so under communism. oligarchy isn't really an improvement from feudalism under the czar.
2021-09-15 17:31
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do you realize that small business is completely dead in russia? Even if you are a big businessman, the police will come to you and take everything away. all businessmen left russia after that. if we do business freely, everything will be easy. Honestly, you're not making any sense with that absolutely all natural resource extraction companies are owned by government. average person would not be able to do this. State money goes to you-know-where... to protect Putin's regime and crime
2021-09-15 17:48
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what am i not making sense with? there's no way putin could rule russia without the support of the oligarchy. i could define some terms by using some of yours. okay, there is small business, then there is big business, but finally there is monopoly business, which is basically what oligarchy is all about. a few huge financial conglomerates or persons that control all critical revenue streams.
2021-09-15 18:00
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oligarchy exists, but now it is already clans in russia. putin gave power to his friends and gave them to make money. When the government changes, all minions will be kicked out of the country or imprisoned. and then will be created anti-monopoly services
2021-09-15 18:08
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when the government changes the next election candidates have already been generously bribed or prepared. think of american politics--- how lobbying changed overtime.. there are no more traditional "bribes" as lobbyists will find a candidate who already supports their views and they funnel money into that candidate's election campaign.
2021-09-15 18:11
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of course for something to change seriously, deeply, people must be ready for it. the fact that 1-2 new leaders will come and start talking about democracy - it does not mean anything. people should not be ONLY hungry and poor, they should know what they want in the future. we have a visible experience of world civilization and mistakes are visible. "KGB". "Ivan Grozniy". "oprichnina". "Dark"/"Smuta" times. no one wants to revive we have a new country. we have a constitution from 1991. it is enough to love this state and not make mistakes of the past
2021-09-15 19:34
Why he doesn't change his name for Vladimir Putin and get ez profit?
2021-09-15 15:31
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Belarus slpng
more like ez jail
2021-09-15 16:54
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And how they will know if they jail the new or the original, huh?
2021-09-15 17:51
hahaha, they idiots
2021-09-15 15:44
Sweden ShageN
Because Putin is shitty liar.
2021-09-15 16:37
2021-09-15 16:50
It's a shitty tactic to steal votes, yes. Has nothing to do with the guy being "an anti-Putin candidate", the only reason you know about this one is because being anti-Putin gets you money. This is widely popular all across the ex-USSR, was used in the latest Ukraine presidential election, for example.
2021-09-15 16:53
Ukraine Mykolkaa
Lmao the same was done in the previous election in Ukraine. We have a lady here whose name is Yulia Timoshenko and some completely no-name guy called Yurii Timoshenko was registered as well. What this means is that in the bulletin there were 2 “Y. Timoshenko’s”. There was no way to know who you voted for unless you knew the exact number assigned to Yulia
2021-09-15 16:54
lmao it is actualy genius and could be (legally) used in many democratic countries
2021-09-15 16:53
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Well, Putin is actually genius and Russia is more democratic than most of Western countries.
2021-09-15 17:56
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I know same as China, but dont dare to speak out loud about this in the west :(( plus much lower taxes
2021-09-15 18:38
Vladimir Putins government at its best
2021-09-15 16:54
he forgot his old password
2021-09-15 18:03
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2021-09-15 18:43
Explain, why does a Finn care about someting so irrelevant to him?
2021-09-15 18:15
Russia Feuerbach
I don't care to be honest at this point. No one is good so I just ignore politics.
2021-09-15 18:19
Liberia rationale
1) Russia is a mafia state 2) Putler is its God father who owns the police, the army, the judicial system and most government authorities literally and figuratively 3) He and his party have been cheating at elections for the past 15 years 4) There have been attempts to make elections legitimate by introducing "Smart voting" - now Putler's asslickers have found a way to thwart even this This country is dead because it's thoroughly corrupted. Pretty much everyone in the government with a modicum of power is stealing one way or another. Why do you care? ;-)
2021-09-15 18:24
What is even the point of not voting for Putin? He is the only one able to keep Russia together, if anybody else will rule Russia it will collapse.
2021-09-15 18:25
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