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Biden again
Europe Klaus_Schwab 
Americans, did he really say it or is it a carefully made up fake by Trump supporters? Discuss
2021-09-17 02:03
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9gag? you expect me to click this?
2021-09-17 02:04
Ladies and mens, greet the president of wealthiest and strongest country on the planet ! Our world is in safe hands.
2021-09-17 02:06
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Russia Trueteller
"volcano outburst in your city? first step to protection from lava is getting vaccine"
2021-09-17 04:21 17 Minutes Of Joe's Melting Brain
2021-09-17 02:10
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Ukraine alexftw
couldnt handle even 2 minutes damn its painful to my braincells
2021-09-17 02:16
Romania Horia_Sima
2021-09-17 02:20
2021-09-17 03:31
and i thought my country's president was bad lol
2021-09-17 02:14
I mean its just people pressuring him about the vaccination shit and somehow making an excuse for the mainly right states to vaccinate, but there are so many better ways to "trick" them
2021-09-17 02:14
2021-09-17 02:17
imagine getting your news from 9gag
2021-09-17 02:18
Without knowing if it is fake... It would make sense to say what he said in the right context ( not that we get any context ) But overall it would be the right leadership thing. because if you are hit by something that leaves you without water, or power, or even a home, meaning you have to be around many others without any protection, you being vaccinated will mean you stand better if the worst happens. And its done. maybe if you do not get it done, and things go wrong its hard to say when you get a chance to get it done. And that way of thinking is actually not a Biden thing, its a common disaster response.. But in the US its all about two sides hating each other instead of working together to change their nation to something better.. But the pre control of things like that before a coming natural disaster is something all response agencies in all nations, all around the world would work for and say. because those things matter if all things go bad.
2021-09-17 02:22
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You actually convinced me that what he said doesnt sound so outlandish if put in the right context.
2021-09-17 02:55
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Well its not. Just remove Biden from it. and that is how its done all around the world because its in the hand book for handling disasters. If you know about something coming, you try to make sure the people there get things done before they need it, vaccines. medication. extra power, meds and so on.. Its a very common thing. and has nothing to do with Biden. But in the world we live in, people are dump and find reasons to attack things and people based on who they are and not what they do. Because the truth is even if they would not say it to the press or something, every leader of the USA would have had their agencies push that. because its the right way to deal with it. Sometimes it help to remove the object of tension ( this case biden ) and just read and understand the topic of what is being said. That way you often have a better time of finding the real meaning of it. Anyway.. Thanks for being willing to look at it from a different view point.. Most people just lock on to an agenda and wont listen to any points or reasons.
2021-09-17 03:06
Holy shit name checks out and +1
2021-09-17 03:09
I think I would usually agree more but I see two issues: 1. All COVID-19 vaccines (or, at least, the more popular ones) are known to potentially cause immune responses that give the patient cold or flu-like symptoms. It probably isn't a good idea for people that may experience a life-threatening situation to weaken themselves like that. 2. For COVID-19 shots like the Pfizer one that requires two injections, it's not possible to full vaccinate on such a short notice (shots are 2 weeks apart I believe). If the patient gets one jab and the hurricane is devastating, when will they be able to get their second shot? I have no idea how this dual-shot system works to be honest, I do not know what the timeframe between shots needs to be, if it even exists.
2021-09-17 03:42
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I do not know when the video was made. But I am also sure as said it has nothing to do with Biden himself, or even the vaccine against Covid-19.. Because had there been no covid at all the agencies that handle this would still have the same policy just about other vaccines and medication forms. Again its not a thing used only in the US, and only here. It is a rule that response teams to natural disasters use around the world. And like all such things there are sometimes things that would change the core of it. But just because you see Biden say it, does not mean others do not say the same and work for the same. its a national policy, not a Biden policy. And the first shot of vaccines will still help you more than no shot. And if its up to two weeks before the "event" you will have plenty of time to recover, and if you are one of the few who gets a bit more severe issues, there is plenty of time for you to be taken somewhere to recover from that. If you wait until an hour before a hurricane hit.. well then you are just dumb and nothing anyone say can really help you. Its a practice on how to deal with natural disasters that has been used for years.. And you might even say its a bad way or whatever. But the point is, it has nothing to do with Biden. The same thing would have happened under Trump. and Bush.. and around the world. It would also be the policy to have the message even if Biden did not say it, or even know it.
2021-09-17 10:50
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What's your private take on Joe Biden in general?
2021-09-17 11:25
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That is far to big a take to write on HLTV.. But to try to form the points of it. He is better than Trump. - 99% of all people are, and you have to be a fool to think Trump has anything that would make him a good choice to lead a nation. However the US suffers from a great deal of things and issues. many of them ignored or unknown by the general public. That along with the whole push the nation have taken and the "elite" has pushed and the public just eat because words like Patroism or socialism is all you need to say for the hordes to lock in on the box they have been told to stay in. So many things that could help the masses of the American people, is something the fight, while they fight to protect and defend the things that in the end hurt them. That also shows with how they run the political scene. USA is not a democracy but a republic. so things are more easy to be pushed to a point where things go wrong, when other things starts to fail. And that is what we see in the US. The point of that is the leaders the US get, first of do not matter to the extreme many think it does. And second. they all lead from the wrong point anyway. That is however at the end only the American publics own fault. and no rebelion and guns is not the answer to fix it. that is part of the locked issue they have created. So. better than Trump. But because the US is what it is, not the leader they need, however as things are, the leader they need will never be president anyway. because the american people will not understand what they need. But when all is said. he is not a "bad" president" he will lead as the american leaders do. without breaking the bindings of the nation like Trump did. however he will not fix the issues there is, and the issues that has build up the last 20 years, and the issues Trump made break out and tear the US apart for his own gain.
2021-09-17 11:43
+1 someone with high iq in this thread
2021-09-17 03:44
senile person with alzheimer and probably many other brain issues. easy to puppet ^^
2021-09-17 02:23
Russia Trueteller
he was boooed on 9/11 and when he was about to hug a kid someone in the crowd yelled DONT SNIFF HIM me loled hard
2021-09-17 03:01
2021-09-17 03:02
Rightists get their news from 9gag? Can't say that I'm shocked
2021-09-17 03:03
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I don't think OP is a rightist, judging by the way he worded his message and his flag
2021-09-17 03:06
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Fair point. But the wide majority of threads on HLTV I see that is supposed to agree with a rightist view, are from the Rupert Murdoch empire or Daily Mail. Not exactly keen on critical thinking or fact-checking.
2021-09-17 03:27
We all need ego death
2021-09-17 03:08
Him, his admin and people like him failed to convince people to take the vaccine so now he has to resort to saying shit like this. (if true ofc)
2021-09-17 03:20
Russia Trueteller
Asteroid heading for Earth, estimated time of impact is less than 24 hours Biden steps up to make a speech to nation and the world He stumbles on the words, until he notices the teleprompter staring in his face "America, and the rest of world. In times like these, we need to stay strong and not panic. It might look dark, but we have a way out of this mess. If everyone gets their shots, we might be able to deflect this asteroid"
2021-09-17 03:38
World ArnuldH
Hairy legs and hairy legs but my hairy legs and i chose the triple dipple chocolade ice cream yes. Hairy legs. Best president for USA! And the most liked one even! Won the office by a mile!
2021-09-17 03:39
9gag lmfao
2021-09-17 04:35
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I've lived in a coma for 10 years so I dont know but what's wrong with 9gag?
2021-09-17 11:06
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