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Complexity will win there blast group
United States CrippledDonkey 
As title says col will win they always over perform at blast events especially when they have a new roster and I think with the almost month to prepare with cold they'll have some amazing strats and a good map pool
2021-09-17 16:31
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I aren't think that
2021-09-17 16:34
Russia ToughGuy
navi has 100% winrate in blast groups
2021-09-17 16:35
Maybe in a different group but not with NaVi. I think they can beat OG though
2021-09-17 16:35
i am | 
Finland iBait
Can't wait for the special BlameF-jks-Coldzera strat where they bait each other in T spawn until the timer runs out
2021-09-17 16:36
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Isk if u watched epl but blame was entry for col so it's probably gunna stay that way
2021-09-17 17:55
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I think it'd be great for the team if he takes the secondary entry of the team, and Cold takes the star-lurk in the team. Coldzera will be able to shine again in his optimal roles something he was unable to do when he was in Faze since NiKo took all the roles.
2021-09-18 12:22
Other norb4ki
Laughed hard at this
2021-09-17 17:58
2021-09-18 12:27
They will get 2nd, navi will get 1st
2021-09-17 17:59
Poland Hanse
Not impossible
2021-09-17 18:02
2021-09-17 18:03
Hungary zy_k
win? no. qualify? possible
2021-09-17 18:03
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2021-09-18 12:20
Canada dAnk7
they don't even know if konfig will play the major, let alone if they will qualify
2021-09-17 18:04
1 reply "coldzera joins Complexity on a free transfer, as his former contract with FaZe has ended. The 26-year-old player will stay on with the Benjamin "⁠blameF⁠" Bremer-led lineup through at least the Major in November, even if k0nfig has recovered by that time. " Yea, they dont know
2021-09-18 12:30
I hope so, BlameF has been working so hard for so long and he keeps facing setbacks. He definitely deserves it.
2021-09-17 18:09
with baitf snakezera? i are not think that
2021-09-18 12:30
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