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Pc for csgo
kreaz | 
Israel rvDxd 
Im buying this pc for 200€ Rx 570 Ryzen 3 2200g Since i dont have lot of money im buying this from my cousin. Is it worth for 200€ ? How many fps am i gonna get ?
2021-09-18 02:36
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2021-09-18 02:37
Russia avvakum
ask your cousin Niko to test csgo
2021-09-18 02:37 are you dumb?
2021-09-18 02:39
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Its ok, i am assuming he is considering this because he has a very bad pc just like me, like that would be heaven if i had that fps
2021-09-18 03:48
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im saying is he dumb cause why does he ask for fps if it takes 10 seconds to find a video like this on youtube
2021-09-18 04:30
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Oh alright, he probably searched on YouTube, i just assume he wants to confirm if the performances are like that and if its worth it for the price!
2021-09-18 04:31
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idk, he didnt even reply to any comment on his own thread
2021-09-18 05:06
kreaz | 
Israel rvDxd
Yeaa ty bro
2021-09-19 01:30
I know from experience those aren't 100% accurate for real world scenario
2021-09-18 05:33
ZywOo | 
Brazil veinnN
idk i don't use €
2021-09-18 03:52
I don't understand why you are asking HLTV. Ask your cousin and he'll give you a better answer BECAUSE HE HAS THE ACTUAL FUCKING COMPUTER YOU WANT TO BUY.
2021-09-18 04:00
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Poland Neo[T]orius
2021-09-18 04:00
get 300€ more and buy a better second hand pc
2021-09-18 04:02
For the price, that's not a bad deal as along as the hardware isn't going bad. That GPU alone is about double that price brand new. The CPU is right about that price as well. Don't expect it to run newer AAA titles or anything, but it will play CSGO just fine. I have no experience with that CPU, but you should get well over 100fps. I'd guess you'd be mostly in the 120-180 fps range with low resolution and low settings, but that's just going by my experience with other hardware. Keep in mind RAM and motherboard make a difference in performance too.
2021-09-18 04:10
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+1 but ram will usually make a big difference when you only have an amd cpu.
2021-09-18 04:33
kreaz | 
Israel rvDxd
Ty bro, appreciate you
2021-09-19 01:32
It'll run well enough to play smoothly. Why not ask your cousin to install it and look how it runs? But for the most part should run fine
2021-09-18 04:36
Not scamming you? Great deal IMO. had a 2200g back then (paired with 580) but will still be CPU bottleneck for csgo. Game likes to drop to 90 fps / stutter a bit in heavy gunfight, at least on 144hz. This is with slightly more than normal amount of chrome tabs open. Also, make use of the process lasso trick to get more stable fps, you can search it or I can explain further/provide resources
2021-09-18 05:36
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kreaz | 
Israel rvDxd
Yea how can i search that thing ? Also he is not scamming, hes just not into pcs and doesnt play games anymore
2021-09-19 01:32
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that pc should be pretty good then. some video guide I found, although process lasso starting up alongside your windows does lag the startup by a min or two + it nags you to buy premium
2021-09-19 02:25
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kreaz | 
Israel rvDxd
ty for help man. appreciate you
2021-09-19 17:02
Hungary Gulaash
The time I spent playing this game I could've been... ...studying ...applying for jobs ...making friends irl ...getting a gf ...spending time with my family ...working out ...becoming a better man in general From the time I spent in this game, I got... extremely racist and homophobic vocabulary Russian lessons ...anger management issues ...borderline autistic tendencies ...sleep deprivation
2021-09-19 17:04
I think is decent for 200e I'm not sure but I think it will go to 200fps But if it is your cousin's pc, you can try how runs the game.
2021-09-19 17:07
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