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kennyS if left handed
s1mple | 
India i_love_s1mple_and_kennyS 
even better than what he was in 2012-15? lmaooo unlucko at the time no left handed keyboards/mouse were there, so kenny had to adjust to right hand which wasnt his natural limb imagine if kenny would play on his natural limb, ofc now he has adjusted to playing with right hand but there is a very good possibility that his peak in 2014 could have been higher if he was playing with his natural hand also thats why he uses left hand viewmodel in every game, he is left brained as well. seeing woxic play left handed got me thinking this lmao see kenny is even signing with his left hand lmao
2021-09-18 06:40
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Argentina Demonark Kennys just likes to play with his right hand
2021-09-18 06:44
2021-09-18 06:45
Using the right hand for the mouse is what 90% of lefties do, myself included. I’ve only ever seen 1 persn use a left handed mouse.
2021-09-18 06:55
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+1 same for me
2021-09-18 06:59
i play with mouse in my left hand, only problem is there isnt really many choices for mices like if u want light wireless mouse g pro is almost only one :D
2021-09-18 07:22
hm im left handed and using left hand for mice
2021-09-18 07:25
Turkey SplattXy
+1 , im lefthand too
2021-09-18 12:00
Romania alexinio05
same, idk anyone who uses left hand mouse
2021-09-18 13:18
+1 same
2021-09-18 18:36
literally i only saw woxic using left handed mouse
2021-09-18 18:38
Latvia heywire
who the fuck gets born and decides to become a left-handed person, my mom did this too.
2021-09-18 07:01
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Brazil Bactuga
Every Parent should try to make their kid be a right-handed person, just because everything nowadays especially Gaming is mostly for Right-handed people, obviously stuff have been made for left-handed but its not everything and is harder to find
2021-09-18 07:38
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Funny thing that NBA basketball player Ben Simmons is right handed but when he was kid his father trained him to shoot with left hand.
2021-09-18 08:19
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this explains so much
2021-09-18 19:12
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Yeah he is shitty shooter who got max contract and 76ers are fucked.
2021-09-18 22:30
Every Parent should try to make their kid be a right-handed person bcs Gaming is mostly for Right-handed people FML
2021-09-18 09:23
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+1 If you're giving an example to make your point, please don't use a gaming reference
2021-09-18 10:20
Brazil Bactuga
You twist my comment and then make fun of me? i clearly specified that it wasnt only gaming, but if you wanted to play games it would be harder if you were a left-handed person, 5-10 years ago there barely was any good mouses for you to play with that was left handed, not even keyboards. nowadays there arent that much too
2021-09-18 20:27
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I didn't twist anything. I only quoted what you said. You are just clueless
2021-09-18 21:07
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Brazil Bactuga
''Every Parent should try to make their kid be a right-handed person, just because everything nowadays especially Gaming is mostly for right-handed people'' ''Every Parent should try to make their kid be a right-handed person bcs Gaming is mostly for Right-handed people'' see the difference?
2021-09-18 21:08
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No, you literally named gaming LMAO. Best argument that I have ever seen and you are even arguing about it hahahahHa
2021-09-19 08:18
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Brazil Bactuga
''Everything nowadays ESPECIALLY gaming.'' we are in a CS:GO Forum, of course im gonna talk about it since its the only reason we are here talking, if this was a cooking forum i wouldnt say that.
2021-09-19 08:39
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If you want to force your kids using their non dominant hand be my guest but you are uneducated ***** then(and using gaming as an argument is just wow). Honestly no reason to continue in this bcs no smart thing will come from you anyway so have a nice day. Bye
2021-09-19 08:45
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Brazil Bactuga
haha you lose in a argument trying to twist my words then you pretend nothing happened, good job!, almost everything i said is true. being a left-handed person is a small disadvantage in terms of equipments like mouse and keyboard, have a nice day tho.
2021-09-19 08:48
NO! It is not healthy for your brain some ppl even start stuttering after they are forced not to use their dominant hand!
2021-09-18 18:33
:D I'd be just a level below device if I was right handed and a level above p0mple
2021-09-18 07:10
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Brazil Bactuga
I Dont understand your name are you mocking simple?
2021-09-18 07:38
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it's a reference to this game probably
2021-09-18 07:54
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Indeed it is
2021-09-18 08:04
Wait, so a user decided to choose his username to mock a particular player for a single game??? Fml, kids these days
2021-09-18 10:21
Taiwan ilkym00th
you see im the opposite
2021-09-18 07:11
KennyS fucking leftist confirmed? 😡😡😡
2021-09-18 07:55
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wow lost all respect 😡
2021-09-18 08:03
Sweden piCt
unexpected... name doesnt check out.
2021-09-18 18:34
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I actually have a huge dislike for leftist Only a few cause a holodomor
2021-09-18 18:37
Poland xMBTx
He can still play if hes so good left hand. Nothing stops him
2021-09-18 08:11
Are you dumb ? Friberg , Kenny , fallen and other players play with cl_righthand 0. They hold mouse with right hand only. Left hand viewmodel because of 1.6/source
2021-09-18 08:37
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Hungary zy_k
? Kenny is left handed.
2021-09-18 08:43
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2021-09-18 11:58
kenny is left handed lmao irl as well hes like woxic but he forced himself to play right handed
2021-09-18 09:13
kenny is left handed. When Kenny's older brother Cyril was at school, he would jump on his PC and switch the mouse and keyboard position. Cyril would come home annoyed with Kenny doing this, so he asked him to stop changing his setup. Kenny forced himself to adapt playing right handed, and now he has built it into his muscle memory for years
2021-09-18 12:54
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damn may i know the source for this? its a pretty believeable story but still
2021-09-18 13:05
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I heard it through a YT video of him or his brother, but I cant find or remember the video for the life of me
2021-09-18 13:12
1 reply @1:19 This is the only video I could find of him confirming he used his brothers PC, but I cant find the video with details how he changed his setup
2021-09-18 13:15
weird. I play left handed in game but I write with my right hand. But some other tasks like throwing a ball I'd do with my left hand. My keyboard and mouse are right-handed as well. Now if I switch to right handed viewmodel I play trash even though i initially played right handed for abt 500 hrs ( i have a 1000)
2021-09-18 08:48
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you sir are the perfect example of an ambidextrous person my brother is also ambidextrous, he plays cricket with right hand, football with left leg, writes with right hand, uses mouse and keyboard with left hand kenny tho is pure left, he writes with his left leg, i think in a vlog he was playing football with left leg, csgo view model left because his brain is also left aligned (its a thing google it) so i was just wondering if kenny played with his left hand like woxic does, would he be better
2021-09-18 09:14
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damn very weird but cool
2021-09-18 10:17
im also lefthanded guy but who asked?
2021-09-18 12:00
France Hillfear
left-handed like obamba?? kenny west new america president?? 😯😯
2021-09-18 12:00
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😨😨😨😨amogus imposta kennyS BLACK MAN!! CONFIFMED N WOTD RACISATA!?!?!///////
2021-09-18 13:05
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France Hillfear
KennySus 😳😳😳
2021-09-18 18:30
Australia Torres_
There were no left handed mouse in 2014, what? Forget about Razer Deathadder? He probably just liked to play with his right hand
2021-09-18 18:37
ZywOo | 
France Jaune
2021-09-18 19:14
I use cl_righthand 0 and I'm right handed. I use left hand viewmodel in all the games where it's possible. I just find it cooler/different and nicer. Doesn't mean I'm left handed kek. Tho I beat my meat with left
2021-09-19 09:10
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