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Fallout NV fans here
Respect | 
Japan TheRespecter 
How would you rank the DLCs within the game 1. Old World Blues- Great lore, sweet equipment, awesome area, amazing characters. Honestly couldn't say more about how much I love this dlc. 2. Lonesome Road- Really gritty and cool area, sick story. Only reason OWB is better is the better equipment in that DLC. 3. Honest Hearts- Okay story, okay equipment, amazing area. I don't mind this dlc but it does leave a lot to be desired, but definitely one of the more beautiful and aesthetically incredible. 4. Dead Money- I won't lie only real redeemable quality for this dlc is the end haul of the gold bars. Playing this one is painful in many reasons but once you beat it, you'll never have to worry about currency again.
2021-09-18 18:59
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United States hellokappa
i didn't like any of them i thought fallout 3's dlcs were way better
2021-09-18 19:00
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hard disagree. only dlc i actually liked playing in that game was The Pitt. Operation Anchorage was okay too with the end haul, but i feel like i was playing call of duty half the time.
2021-09-18 19:02
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Point Lookout is pretty good and difficult Mothership Zeta is total garbage but it gives you OP guns so it's OK The Pitt is worst one imo Broken Steel is really good +it gives you tons of power armor and guns Operation Anchorage is very boring (only good thing is gauss rifle as reward)
2021-09-18 19:44
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weird that you didnt like the pitt. that one is almost always the most beloved one with how cool the story is plus getting to fight random raiders in pit matches.
2021-09-18 19:46
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Idk but finding that steel ingots was most annoying shit ever I spend like 5 hours on that and still didn't find enough for all rewards
2021-09-18 19:52
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oh yeah with that quest i just looked up a guide on it so i didn't have to deal with that tedious bullshit
2021-09-18 19:53
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In fact Pitt doesn't give you any useful items. All that guns like Infiltrator or auto axe is totally useless
2021-09-18 20:04
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only dlc in that game i thought gave you quality equipment really was Operation Anchorage. Once I got that power armor and Gauss Rifle I was basically an unstoppable king.
2021-09-18 20:07
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Broken steel and Zeta gives some OP items too Tri-beam laser rifle - my favourite gun in game Enclave Hellfire armor - best armor in the game imo Alien disintegrator - pretty solid gun MPLX Novasurge - very OP shit, besically plasma pistol but with huge damage
2021-09-18 20:17
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i actually thought the T-51 winterized power armor was the best since it had a better rad resistance
2021-09-18 20:20
Fallout NV is considered to have the best dlcs period.. So idk what u are talking about lol
2021-09-18 19:42
Brazil zzzzzzznt
I lost my sanity with dead money. At least in the end I trap elijah in the vault lmao. Also, in HH, Joshua graham is one of the best characters I ve ever met in a videogame
2021-09-18 19:06
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Oh yeah, Joshua is far and away not just the best character, he is far and away the best companion too (he is an absolute beast when you pursue the White Legs)
2021-09-18 19:13
NiKo | 
Montenegro G1EX
Funny, my favorite DLC is Dead money, but I agree with the rest of the list ( 2. OWB and so on). I really liked the atmosphere and the characters in Dead Money, the only thing I absolutely hated were those speakers that triggered your collar. OWB is the one I had the most fun playing though.
2021-09-18 19:06
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Yeah upon a 2nd review I actually do like a chunk of the characters, especially the connection Elijah and Christine had with Veronica. I find it interesting how you able to find both her mentor and her lover in 1 spot, part of why I really like OWB too is that lore.
2021-09-18 19:10
United States Zake_
I agree with whole list. Well done
2021-09-18 19:07
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2021-09-18 19:08
ty men))
2021-09-18 19:11
i never played the dlcs i was thinking on playing but the gameplay after fo4 and 76 i cant take it
2021-09-18 19:12
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trust me. nv and the dlc in that game have no connection to that drivel. hell even the developers are different since its an Obsidian based game.
2021-09-18 19:16
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its the gameplay tho not the game itself, extreme clunky
2021-09-18 19:19
United Kingdom Geocon
gun runners arsenal above them all
2021-09-18 19:14
Australia B_Tannen
I’m prepared for hate, but I just can’t play this game. Requires a medium sized mod menu just to play without game breaking bugs. However I’ve really been enjoying F4 dlc again, far harbour especially.
2021-09-18 19:14
Old World blues - tiring and annoying Lonesome road - perfect ending. Remember nuking the legion. It explains why the Courier was chosen to deliver the chip in the base game and ties the whole picture together. Dead money - interesting story and characters, some annoying moments my range build wasnt ready for and had to adjust Honest hearts - "we cant expect God to do all the work" All in all, they pretty much all tell a good, cohesive story.
2021-09-18 19:24
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lonesome road really was a great dlc. not just the incredible story with Ulysses and his ire with Courier 6 but also having the best companion with ED-E 2 was really cool as well. idk why but them including the 2nd ED-E really just gave me another reason why ED-E is one of my favorite companions in the series.
2021-09-18 19:35
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I respect what you said and agree with everything.
2021-09-18 19:57
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ty men))
2021-09-18 19:58
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for the Enclave!
2021-09-18 20:03
United States GiantDays
OWB was funny but I wasn't a huge fan of it. DM has great story and setting HH was generally fun LR had good gear and literally nothing else.
2021-09-18 19:48
Sweden HaasF1Team
Perfect list tbh
2021-09-18 19:49
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what was your favorite part of OWB? Mine was The Sink appliances personalities especially the Toaster. God i loved that fucking toaster.
2021-09-18 20:05
Download naked models and boob physics, and you're good to go. 😎
2021-09-18 19:49
My ranking is probably 1: Lonesome road i just liked the atmosphere and the difficulty 2: Old world blues: I just liked this one cant pinpoint why it was just a funny DLC 3: Honest Hearts because Joshua Graham and i really enjoy the story of the survivalist 4:Dead money too scary for me :(
2021-09-18 19:54
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i won't lie i was kicking myself over whether LR or OWB was better and honestly the reason why OWB got my slight edge was the fact it had both connections to DM and LR with Ulysses, Christine and Elijah. It also took me awhile to realize that the survivalist and "The Father in the Caves" were the same guy in HH but his story was really something to explore as well even regarding him slaughtering basically the entirety of Vault 22 outside of the girl he took as a wife.
2021-09-18 20:02
Finland Eestu
1. Lonesome Road is easily my favorite. Great atmosphere throughout the whole DLC, good story and awesome gear as well. What is there not to like? 2. Old World Blues would probably come in second. It felt really fresh and unique compared to most other DLCs and definitely not what I expected to see in the DLC on my first try. 3. Honest Hearts felt a bit boring but Joshua Graham, some nice quests and the interesting environment made it a lot nicer to play. 4. Dead Money had such a cool area and idea, but I just feel like it was executed really poorly in the end. All the explosive collars and the mobs around the area just made it very annoying to play. After you go inside though and lean more towards the end then it gets quite enjoyable actually.
2021-09-18 20:06
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Respectable list and I actually agree entirely with your DM assessment especially. If they actually made that one playable in almost any way it could have been so much more. Veronica is one of my favorite companions in the series so getting to meet the 2 closest people in her life was awesome. I just wish the gameplay didn't feel like such a chore in that one.
2021-09-18 20:10
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Finland Eestu
Well said, my thoughts exactly. :D
2021-09-18 20:22
Its funny that I never played them cuz I heard only the worst about them. New Vegas is one of my favourite games that I finished multiple times but I dont wanna ruin my experience like with Borderlands which had some realy good DLCs but some which were dogshit but when I start I just have to finish them all.
2021-09-18 20:25
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