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PSG real talk
How can a team with Neymar, Messi and Mbappe in attack look so average?
2021-09-19 21:16
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B1T | 
Greece Noocklas
because a team with zywoo s1mple and sh1ro would fail as well
2021-09-19 21:17
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How can you mention sh0r0 in the same sentence as zywoo and s1mple??
2021-09-19 21:23
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ok, device then
2021-09-19 21:21
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2021-09-19 21:23
There are 11 people in a football team compared to 5 in csgo, so dont really understand the point???
2021-09-19 21:19
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3 gods in same team
2021-09-19 21:22
pessi and penaldo are finished, the next big sport is golf and you guys arent ready for it
2021-09-19 21:17
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how penaldo is finished when he is scoring every game since he join mu
2021-09-19 21:18
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west ham, newcastle and young boys. and 2 of them were close. bruh
2021-09-19 21:20
Japan ShinjiIkari
excited for the Ryder Cup
2021-09-19 21:19
too much ego stars maybe?? remember xavi and iniesta, they dont care bout scoring, they just love passing to each other
2021-09-19 21:17
Ligue1 is hard
2021-09-19 21:18
Turkey SplattXy
since messi join , idk why the fuck all players want to pass the ball to him just play like before meeeeeeeen
2021-09-19 21:18
NiKo | 
Europe DRM7MD
because look at faze
2021-09-19 21:18
need training automatism will come
2021-09-19 21:41
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