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Turks come here
United States The_Weed_Smoker 
I saw something online about your conscription laws. It was something along the lines that you could bypass mandatory conscription service as a male as long as you are a gay, receiving male but you had to prove it with pictures. Does your military have to look at glorified gay porn for gays to bypass forced military service in this method?
2021-09-20 00:34
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Don’t believe everything you read online
2021-09-20 00:37
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yes that's why im asking the many turks who frequent hltv to confirm
2021-09-20 00:39
So only news papers tell the truth? Pog
2021-09-20 00:40
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Yes that’s exactly what i said word for word.. Pog
2021-09-20 00:41
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I actually read it as anything... POGGERS
2021-09-20 00:42
Germany JonnyEGood
old tradition implemented by Ataturk himself
2021-09-20 00:41
Canada NAfan!
2021-09-20 00:41
i heard that they want your photos while getting fucked by another guy for you to pass but i dont know for certain
2021-09-20 00:42
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Yeah they wanted pics of you receiving the dick for the bypass, that's what i heard as well
2021-09-20 00:43
Turkey Herbx
im not gonna answer since conscription is a shit idea but there is a old sayink in turkish you sit in a bucket if it gets bubbly it means you put smthing in your ass in the past maybe dick maybe eggplant :D
2021-09-20 00:42
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Turkey sedo7
2021-09-20 00:55
2021-09-20 00:45
That picture thing was happening like a decade ago. Nowadays you just need to go to a psychologist or smth to confirm that you're gay
2021-09-20 00:47
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How would they go about that? Does the psychologist have to fuck them or something?
2021-09-20 00:51
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Turkey Herbx
its time leave basement my americana friend, its gotta be think something other than turkish gay bypassers in your americanish life
2021-09-20 00:54
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wtf mens i just want to learn about your amazing country
2021-09-20 00:54
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Turkey Herbx
nothing amazing here man srsly, turkey is just funny when you are not inside :d
2021-09-20 00:58
the more you learn about Turkey, the less brain cells you will have
2021-09-20 01:02
idk im not gay
2021-09-20 00:59
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