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draken/REZ/disco doplan
Hong Kong StopAsianHate 
how did draken and disco doplan get so many opportunities first before REZ?
2021-09-20 23:45
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draken wasn't that bad imo
2021-09-20 23:47
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+1, just really, weird I guess? He seemed unconventional in a lot of ways
2021-09-20 23:49
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Unconventional like hitting impossible shots and missing the easy ones?
2021-09-20 23:57
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Yeah, but also I felt like his AWPing presence was pretty unique
2021-09-21 00:01
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He was interesting to watch, yeah...but I guess he never got the impact that NIP needed him to get. Shame, really but it happens
2021-09-21 00:03
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Kazakhstan KraljBrk
I miss him tbh, deserved better in cs after he reinvented himself. Happy for him though finding success in Valerante
2021-09-21 04:27
he had really beautiful smooth aim, seemed ahead of his time in that regard.
2021-09-21 05:00
Italy I_like_csgo
idk maybe just flew under the radar
2021-09-20 23:48
draken was obvious, nip needed an awper and he was good back then disco doplan don't even remember, probably something to do with that shit fnatic/godsent shuffle and whatnot, stupid ass decisions
2021-09-20 23:49
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Disco Doplan was actually insane back then, Was better than REZ at the time But yeah, Disco dropped off an insane amount and REZ only continued to get better
2021-09-21 04:23
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Peru tosta
also gtr was vouching for him because he stood in for a match and he thought that he was amazing
2021-09-21 04:34
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I actually think he was rightfully hyped, Just don't know what went wrong for him after playing for Fnatic He lost all confidence and never got it back
2021-09-21 04:36
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ropz | 
United States Goob
fr, dd was one of the biggest lost talents in sweden
2021-09-21 04:41
Sweden DonGatsby
rez was drakens shadow tbh, and disco doplan was just known in the swedish scene and was performing good in low tier teams so he got some opportunities.
2021-09-20 23:52
Canada meowington
it might have been that epsilon knew how good REZ was and was less willing to let him go. Also disco doplan had a meme name which made reddit and hltv very happy
2021-09-20 23:54
Draken and rez joined NiP at the same time if I remember correctly. I don't know about disco doplan, I know he was supposed to be a next big thing in Swedish scene so it makes sense he got chanses.
2021-09-20 23:56
Because they were all good
2021-09-21 00:00
They were all on the same Epsilon team in 2016. Disco got picked up when Fnatic split apart that summer; I guess he was more of a hybrid player which is maybe what they wanted, or maybe one of the players knew him and thought he was a decent dude. He is the oldest of the three. NiP needed an AWPer when they cut pyth and draken had shown potential.
2021-09-21 00:12
people forget, disco had a trial period with nip where he looked very good so he got signed on to fnatic during the shuffle, then when fnatic got the old players back he got shuffled to godsent(where swedish teams die)
2021-09-21 00:15
Brazil Bactuga
Maybe Rez wasnt that good before? i never saw any of his games but after Dev1ce joined NiP he had alot of GREAT Games, you could say hes currently the best rifler
2021-09-21 00:22
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