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faceit is the best no doubt
Turkmenistan reinkarno 
Just opened game which i had to dodge, silver gold novas mg, teammates all boosted because no one has 1kd not even close, against possibly atleast lvl 8 probably even higher enemy, kd 2 rank lem supremes with no games played :D its amasing I know my trust factor getting worse because last game i had polandia teammates who said they f my mom and my sister which i dont have, and they said they will make 4 reports many times per game. but still just because some reports, i get this? faceit does not give flying fck about making fair while using kd' even if that wase i wouldnt like it , i know somehow they would manage to get me some KD farmers against enemy real smart Kd players, still i would give it a go atleast try to do something win more rounds and lose. I know many will say buy premium faceit, but i dont wanna feel dumb on next level where i pay money and get same thing :/ its amazing that in 2021 i pretty much had to offer payment of 50 euros to beat me in 1x1 so i get better opponents :) real cool logic, to save some time i need to pay indian salary for half month so i can play better quality cs : ) ))) this is perfect discription of new era ( i mean for 1x1 grind for faceit and mm those system really manage to get me something decent most of the time )
2021-09-21 12:43
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Yes just bc there is nothing better, sadly.
2021-09-21 12:44
I was fine a few mins ago. Now I'm braindead.
2021-09-21 12:45
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Turkmenistan reinkarno
sorry wasnt trying too hard to write this i know only same braindeeads will answers as i talk about on thread, i know this will get 404 if it gets 30+ comments and i know i might even get 10 yeared, so i might aswelll just make message clear just enough for people who have 2 working braincells to understand, if someone has less , eh fck it who cares if they cant manage to read
2021-09-21 12:48
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hi i am 404, you call me?
2021-09-21 12:50
Turkmenistan reinkarno
i feel very worried for my quality of life because when i get finland teammate i feel better expierience will happen for my next 1 hour then usual, that finland part keeps me awake at night
2021-09-21 12:56
Turkmenistan reinkarno
i just noticed something by reading my own thing > so line up was my team had many matchmaking games> and they were gold novas most of them around that they had no faceit games just fresh account enemy team> they had faceit games played ,> but they didnt had matchmaking games played and still had good matchmaking ranks it looks like im lying and i made this story up but i didnt
2021-09-21 12:59
2021-09-21 13:00
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Turkmenistan reinkarno
its nothing wrong with that i know many kids struggle to read they even get grade at school if they read well 2 sentences in row
2021-09-21 13:02
Turkmenistan reinkarno
someone will plan to play faceit whos not from kindergarden might enjoy what i wrote that this happens a lot they will reconsider how to play faceit or if at all to play it
2021-09-21 13:08
Turkmenistan reinkarno
just listen to this please RE: asd if i prove that im level 8 with more than 1+ kd, what do i get? europeangod what type of kids in this site, f beggars, my braincells decay with each thing i read on this site
2021-09-21 14:05
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Turkmenistan reinkarno i dont even know the fk he wants , to be like paidd teammate in amateur cs or 1x1 sparing :D
2021-09-21 14:08
Shut up roye
2021-09-21 15:38
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