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The Jones Brothers
Other JonGoatJones 
Imagine these genetics lol, all 6'2 and above and ultra athletic and super successful Jon Jones : Greatest Mix Martial Artist of all time, youngest UFC champion ever, 14 title wins Chanlder Jones : Best pass rusher in Cardinals franchise history, most likely future NFL Hall of Famer Arthur Jones : Super Bowl Champion, 7 solid season in the NFL on the hardest position
2021-09-21 21:37
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2021-09-21 21:38
2021-09-21 21:38
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3 brothers all multi millionaires, super athletic and tall. basically the proof that genetics is everything.
2021-09-21 21:41
Brazil Zireael11
I read "Jonas" instead of "Jones" and was wondering what the heck you were talking about
2021-09-21 21:41
2021-09-21 21:45
oh I thought you misspelled jonas anyways who?
2021-09-21 21:53
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Ukraine WomenLover
Some Random Three Black Guys
2021-09-21 21:55
I don't know about the two last guys but I know Jon Jones is that one guy known for poking people in the eyes and crashing cars I guess
2021-09-21 22:01
who? jk but really tho, who?
2021-09-21 22:02
Norway TheDEA
Cool, but who 🚗🚗 about some bowlers
2021-09-21 22:04
Jonas Brothers would rekt these noobs
2021-09-21 22:04
Italy NotNew
jonas brothers have better gfs so they mog
2021-09-21 22:07
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