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UPDATE on Blast falls group
Brazil Bactuga 
Will the teams tomorrow and Group C play on the New Operation?
2021-09-22 06:59
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2021-09-22 07:00
No way
2021-09-22 07:00
Brazil Elakk
That would be strange
2021-09-22 07:00
wtf why would they
2021-09-22 07:01
2021-09-22 07:03
f0rest | 
Romania CSm1n
Lmao are you new here
2021-09-22 07:07
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Brazil Bactuga
2021-09-22 07:08
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f0rest | 
Romania CSm1n
This is a noob question
2021-09-22 07:11
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Brazil Bactuga
How is it noob?
2021-09-22 07:12
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Because this has happened before and you should know how it works, unless you're new
2021-09-22 07:32
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Brazil Bactuga
Im just asking a question, if i knew it i wouldnt be asking
2021-09-22 07:33
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Yeah there's no problem in asking it if you don't know. The good thing is, now you do and you wouldn't be asking this "noob question" next time. Gl mate! Did you play d2 with the new update already?
2021-09-22 07:37
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Brazil Bactuga
I Did play once with some gold novas, to be honest with you in a Pug/Casual gameplay i think it wasnt a good update, the map has just become so much CT-Sided with the nade drops and now CT's will just run down mid and the T's will actually need to control tunnels
2021-09-22 07:38
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Nooiceee! Will try it out today!
2021-09-22 07:39
Turkmenistan reinkarno
no cs crashing
2021-09-22 07:09
why people ask such stupid question?? you don't change patch during an event
2021-09-22 07:26
Pretty sure no tournament ever would change to a new version of the game mid tournament. Same rules for all matches and all.
2021-09-22 07:26
No I think HLTV will make a new for next tournaments with new update.
2021-09-22 07:33
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