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Dust changes - meta
tarik | 
Australia Lon3wolf12 
Stacking sites and pushing lowers will now be a thing. No mid cross means that an extra smoke will be available for the B player, and with the right spawns, CT can legit run lowers for free. Imagine this, the only way to stop a CT from getting lowers is to jump into suicide risking getting AWP'd and catch them in the act. If a CT constantly goes lowers it's more incentive to just jump suicide right? Now add the mid CT AWP'er into the midst to watch for aggression of T doing just that. this map is now CT sided, and I now I love D2 :D
2021-09-22 07:21
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Turkmenistan reinkarno
i dont think you understand anyting at all
2021-09-22 07:22
United States gtmaniacmda
nah a T-side awper can still jump suicide before anyone can cross (unless shit spawn), but at least the CT awper doesn't have to guess suicide/T spawn, he only has one angle to check
2021-09-22 07:22
if Ts have good spawn, they can just jump down suicide without getting caught tho
2021-09-22 07:23
It was already like this?
2021-09-22 07:24
rip t awper in early round, only jumping suicide but it's a hard bullet because the ct have advantage. lower tunnel will be dangerous for ts.
2021-09-22 07:27
Brazil Bactuga
I Agree, now pushing mid and pushing lower will be way better, also going catwalk too since the guy on mid can easily protect them now without having to worry about T Spawn, and suicide is a very bad place for a awper to just sit there
2021-09-22 07:28
The majority of spawns on the T spawn side allow you to jump into suicide before a CT would be able to cross the doors. You sometimes saw T's doing this in the past just to mix up their angle. All that will happen now is T's will just jump into suicide to check. If the CT wants to cross very close to the doors or attempt a lower push, the T can also jump onto the box to get this vision before that, too. Doesn't change THAT much, pro teams will still need to use smokes and won't push lowers that much more than currently.
2021-09-22 07:30
dust2 is a shit map.. although i like playing it.. theres not much choice where youll go..
2021-09-22 07:41
Czech Republic Poloolpp
all i care about is how do you smoke xbox fast now
2021-09-22 07:50
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the same lineup work from T spawn, Fast cat isn't a thing anymore.
2021-09-22 08:20
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Czech Republic Poloolpp
yes the safe smoke is the same, i guess i have to find new fast xbox line up
2021-09-22 08:21
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rip dude.
2021-09-22 08:41
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