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Go watch UFC
Other JonGoatJones 
Support mma, the greatest sport on the planet, the purest form of martial arts. "But why would i watch 2 grown men hump each other hehe gay xd" thats rarely the case, you'll see mostly stand up violent fights, but even when its on the ground it's really technical and fun to watch. Boxing is dead, rigged and full of greedy promoters. why am i posting this on a cs forum? i have no idea
2021-09-23 00:22
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i would if dana white wasn't a poo poo head that underpays everyone except mcgregor
2021-09-23 00:23
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he doesnt though, its completely overblown. you cant put every single fighter on the card on massive payrolls, you gotta earn it, win your fights, so something special, become a draw and you will make massive bank. they also get 50k bonuses just like that for fight of the night and performance of the night. you wont see mason greenwood make as much as cristiano ronaldo even though they play on the same team.
2021-09-23 00:26
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yeah nice try buddy i can't read
2021-09-23 00:27
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2021-09-23 00:28
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disrespect to me because you gave an illiterate man a wall of text 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
2021-09-23 00:29
2021-09-23 00:29
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fuk just readed first letters kekw :D
2021-09-23 00:30
fitsfights > mma
2021-09-23 00:29
Boxing > MMA
2021-09-23 00:33
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rigged sport, greedy promoters, champs with cherry picked records, super fights get avoided because everyone wants to keep their clean cherry picked records, judges are rigged, too many belts, i could go on for days the sport of boxing is unfortunately dead.
2021-09-23 00:34
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Just because you don't like a sport doesn't mean it's dead lol. A lot of the things you said are true but boxing is still extremely successful
2021-09-23 01:52
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i love boxing, i grew up with boxing, i just get sad when i see what happenend to once such an amazing sport.
2021-09-23 01:55
Europe Pts
no ty
2021-09-23 00:38
Ooga booga man fight
2021-09-23 01:15
been watching every UFC and fight night for 2 years now, MMA is the greatest sport ever
2021-09-23 01:17
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nice good to see a fellow mma enjoyer, whos your favorite fighter?
2021-09-23 01:34
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damn i got multiple fighters in my #1 favorite spot cuz its hard to pick one, but ill list em by weight class to make it even P4P: Jonny Bones Flyweight: Either DJ or Cejudo Bantamweight: Dominick Cruz Featherweight: I like Holloway more than Jose Aldo Lightweight: El Cucuy even tho he hasnt been the same since the gaethje fight Welterweight: GSP and its not even close MW: Anderson Silva LHW: Jonny Bones HW: Fedor but for my favorite of all time it would either have to be Jones or GSP
2021-09-23 02:04
I prefer watching sumo
2021-09-23 01:20
Poland xMBTx
Better watch CSGO
2021-09-23 01:44
I used to be somewhat into it years ago and I've been getting back into it over the past few months thanks to how stacked the HW division is atm UFC265 was the first full card I watched in a while.
2021-09-23 02:05
No, it's too late+people beating each other isn't my taste.
2021-09-23 02:07
MMA is the greatest sports, the Atheletes are the best in the world, true WARRIORS
2021-09-23 02:08
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