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s1mple | 
Vietnam Quang_Hai 
13 yo and hes playing faceit with s1mple, i wonder how hes feeling
2021-09-23 20:43
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His Navi AC's player. Hello!!!!!1 1 1d d
2021-09-23 20:45
he plays for navi thats already bigger
2021-09-23 20:48
United States Anonysto
2021-09-23 20:49
Isn't he on na'vi academy? He is pretty good and pretty young aswell, it would be nice to see him in the big league :)
2021-09-23 20:50
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2021-09-23 20:51
nothing special probably cuz he already plays for navi
2021-09-23 20:51
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