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Wiz insane deagle kills
Norway mateide What even is that 2nd HS kill ??
2021-09-24 02:26
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I don’t see what’s insane ?
2021-09-24 02:27
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i aint seen u for like 6 months
2021-09-24 02:28
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u didn't connect for 6 months ?
2021-09-24 02:43
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i havent really checked hltv but havent seen you at all
2021-09-24 02:45
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wtf mens)) :c
2021-09-24 02:45
Brazil find_Elvis
wheres the weed smh
2021-09-24 02:27
his cam bruv, anyway as a na expert i dont think he has much potential, he has to show more
2021-09-24 02:28
Canada firtlast
pure luck in the first one, spamming long range on the second not impressive but cool to watch
2021-09-24 02:29
it looks like random gold nova hitted random shots (compare this moment to niko`s cache deagle highlight and you will understand everything)
2021-09-24 02:30
Brazil Bactuga
thats all luck his first shot he didnt even aim, the 2nd one he aimed like so far away from the guy while moving and got a Headshot
2021-09-24 02:47
2 lucky shots here, if someone wants to see real insane shots
2021-09-24 02:48
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