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German doctor on vaccines
Poland Neo[T]orius 
2021-09-24 02:36
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Brazil qrii
I lost all respect i had for vaccines
2021-09-24 02:39
I lost all respect i had for jermans
2021-09-24 02:41
TL;DR don't get the vaccine
2021-09-24 02:46
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Poland Neo[T]orius
I just wanna see those people who call people who don't vaccinate terrorists or "stupid" react to actual scientist investigating the deaths caused by vaccines.
2021-09-24 02:50
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JW | 
United States sen0r_vac
bro you expect them to watch this and go "oh wow, I was wrong" XDDD
2021-09-24 02:51
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Yea cause we all know how those npc can always admit when theyre wrong about something
2021-09-24 02:53
Poland Neo[T]orius
I'm expecting them to be reasonable and at least be open to the discussion. We are treated really unfairly here right now, scum of society as they put it. Like people who don't take vax are 0iq subhumans and deserved to not be treated in hospital kind of mentality here it's insane.
2021-09-24 02:54
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JW | 
United States sen0r_vac
for you in Poland? really? I will pray for you brother 🙏
2021-09-24 02:54
well Fauci said it was safe so if you dont get it then you dont deserve any freedoms
2021-09-24 02:52
2h jeez, I don't know...
2021-09-24 03:17
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yeah I'm out
2021-09-24 03:22
If 1 in 10 doctors say it's not perfect. It's probably pretty damn safe. Just saying. But it's understandable to not want injections of unnatural substances into your body.
2021-09-24 03:28
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what if rearwheeldrive's girl want butt injections?
2021-09-24 03:38
Pentagon and DARPA already admitted its a bio weapon
2021-09-24 03:40 ''From todays press conference at the pathological institute in Reutlingen, Germany: microscopic images of an Austrian research group investigating the vaccines There are foreign bodies in the Covid Vaccines'' Oh shit guys , microchips might not be a meme after all
2021-09-24 03:48
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We wuz chips
2021-09-24 04:04
Sweden piCt
Sry, but i cant change my nick on HLTV, but if i could i would throw in a "Dr." as that seems to be the standard for plebs to take any word i say.
2021-09-24 04:07
Take the jab goy
2021-09-24 03:47
I have no idea if vaccines are legit or not but it probably saved both my parents lives, as they both caught covid and they're on their 50's. It could've gotten much worse.. My cousin in Ukraine caught covid without having the vaccine, he had 40º temperature for a whole week before his oxygen levels dropped to 84%, he was taken to intensive care and thankfully he managed to recover 2 weeks later. I also had covid, but I was fully vaccinated so I only have temperature for a couple days and lost the sense of smell and taste for 2 weeks
2021-09-24 04:23
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Yes. How many people unvaxed got COVID and either died or are permanently impaired? 4.55 mil died. 6 billion shots given, 2.4 billion fully vaccinated. And people got a sore arm. The loudest antivaxers are making money off it. They don’t care if you get sick as long as you click their websites or buy their herbal potions. Worried about tracking chips in vaccine and carries a cell phone. Brilliant.
2021-09-24 04:55
2021-09-24 04:36
You expect me to watch 2 1/2 YouTube video ??? Lmao
2021-09-24 04:38
One third of 40? Whomever uploaded that video is really amazing at math..
2021-09-24 04:40
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2021-09-24 04:45
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One thing is expecting me to believe a DUBBED video of News outlet that I've never heard of, on a YouTube channel with 2 total videos uploaded, but it also has failed kinder-garten math in the video description. If this was a legit video, it would at some point have mentioned which vaccine they were testing "deaths" by, and mentioned which components that were to be fatal. This is the extreme rightists being extremely desperate in their spread of misinformation. And on HLTV no less. Pathetic and sad.
2021-09-24 04:50
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yeah I saw the channel and was like "lol..."
2021-09-24 04:51
4.5 mil died worldwide from COVID no vaccine. 386 million vaccines given is US <8000 deaths might have been caused.
2021-09-24 05:00
well it's more information then you would ever get from any authority. Name me one official body figure investigating on vaccine deaths I will wait and I'll save your breathe, there is none. If you don't like the video just leave quietely, although I wouldn't expect that from someone who demonizes people who have actual questions about the vaccine. The only one that is pathetic and sad is you here
2021-09-24 05:00
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See above. Just posted research being done. Publicly available info. People have had a year to watch the vaccine. The facts don’t match their concern. They want a free ride from the rest of us who took the vaccine.
2021-09-24 05:03
Critical thinking is good. You absolutely SHOULD be questioning whether the vaccines are safe for you and whether they can eventually kill you. Why? Because in some very rare instances they can. There are people in this world that are allergic to anything and everything. This has never been a secret, and most of Europe have rejected the AstraZeneca vaccine because it had a higher mortality rate than the others, in particular rare instances of clots in women. But maybe you should speak with your doctor about the risks and facts instead of spreading retarded videos of misinformation..? They actually might know a thing or two, unlike you or some consistently banned channel on YouTube. Just a tip, bromigo. It's also quite funny how all of these dumb threads are consistently posted by Poles. Not sure if the average IQ is falling drastically in that country or what the fuck is going on.
2021-09-24 05:10
Brazil Anarchybr
Jerman brain
2021-09-24 04:49
Sweden piCt
Idk how ppl just go full retard on this. OFC ppl are going to die due to the vaccine. Just like ppl die from any fucking drug on the market, even paracetamol. Maybe a few thousands will die from the vaccine in the world (that is a VERY high estimate). But millions will die if we dont get shit together and just get the jab. ITS NOT FUCKING HARD TO UNDERSTAND. (And also, putting a "Dr." in front of your name fools every fucking kid on the internet)
2021-09-24 05:34
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Hello. I am Dr. Bird H. Bath and in the US less than 8,000 deaths may be related to the vaccine. 680,000 deaths are due to COVID. You do the math. I am a doctor. I don’t do math.
2021-09-24 05:31
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Lmfao I'm a doctor, I don't do math. Sick one xD
2021-09-24 05:37
Riddle me this. Doesn't the vaccine improve your chances of survival if you do manage to contract the virus? The vaccine may have resulted in a unusually large number of deaths but hasn't it reduced the overall number of deaths from Covid-19 in comparison to when we didn't have the vaccine? So why shouldn't I take the vaccine if I can improve my immunity?
2021-09-24 05:28
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Ah, it does dramatically reduce deaths and symptoms for COVID if you catch it after being vaccinated. This is well documented. So well known you have to go out of your way not to know this. And it isn’t an unusual number of deaths.
2021-09-24 05:33
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Then what's the issue with taking the vaccine?
2021-09-24 05:36
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Italy Skye620
Some people would rather see the world burn
2021-09-24 06:16
Sweden piCt
There is practically no reason to not take the vaccine. I got sick from my tetanus shot last time i got stitches, but i think a couple of days with mild fever compared to getting the actual disease was a W.
2021-09-24 05:38
Italy Skye620
Well I got my 5G upgrade and feel completely fine womens))
2021-09-24 06:15
2021-09-24 06:41
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