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Romania SanitySP 
I am really surprised and happy with how well Complexity is playing with cold :)
2021-09-25 18:23
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They need to fix a lot of things.. but lets give them more time.. they can do well.
2021-09-25 18:26
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Norway 2kayn
Bruh give them time...
2021-09-25 18:27
Me too! Glad to see that he has found his footing after the Faze disaster.
2021-09-25 18:27
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Cold is getting alot of space, but god damn he looks good already
2021-09-25 18:34
Cold wasnt playing on his native positions on faze . the main reason that he wasnt at his prime
2021-09-25 19:01
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I agree.
2021-09-25 19:02
Russia vanyaaa
Hope they continue this
2021-09-25 18:28
United States ClappyBats
Anybody else like this version of Complexity a lot more than others? I liked the oBo lineup, but this one makes sense. Let's say k0nfig does go to Astralis: This Complexity lineup with 3 slow players (jks, BlameF, and Coldzera) now has an extremely slow but deadly core, complete with two badasses es3tag and poizon, who have demonstrated how versatile they both can be. It doesn't matter who dies first on this team, the clutch potential is always huge. Their style feels like the anti-Furia. I would love to have a team with a super slow identity, I think it just adds to the scene and creates interesting matchups. If this team does stick together and get time to gel, imagine what they could think up that would counter the hyper aggression that has taken CSGO lately. I'm excited to see what this team does in the future.
2021-09-25 18:36
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nahhhh obo rush konfig lineup looked really scary this one has more power on paper though but results need to prove
2021-09-25 18:41
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United States ClappyBats
Yeah, and I know everyone is like LMAO BAITERS but honestly, if BlameF, jks, and Coldzera are all baiting each other, one of them is gonna multikill. I think it could work, especially on LAN
2021-09-25 18:46
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of the 3 i actually like jks the most but he has been the most disappointing so far hopefully he steps up now for some reason i dont see cold coming back to his best form but if he does, they might go straight for top1 spot
2021-09-25 18:48
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I don't think it's possible for Cold or any other player that have had a huge peak to match that 3 to 4 years later. But he doesn't have to right., if he go as high as 80% it's still better than most players today. His peak was really high.
2021-09-26 06:10
There is allready rly slow playstale team called VP and I can say that that is the most boring cs to watch.
2021-09-26 05:52
People called him Coldzera But his real name is Col D. Zera
2021-09-25 18:44
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Germany tilted_up
One Piece Fan detected?
2021-09-25 18:46
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You obv when you know what I am talking about
2021-09-26 05:45
Brazil scrwprs
2021-09-25 18:57
2021-09-26 05:51
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My comment of the month
2021-09-26 10:01
16-4 on sec map against NAVI it's a good start
2021-09-25 18:59
true goat
2021-09-25 19:02
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2021-09-26 10:02
coldzera fits well into that baity playstyle blamef commands.
2021-09-25 19:04
Well its coldzera, what else can you expect from the two time back to back blockbuster 1993-1994 video game champion, with a deadly Ethiopian caterpillar, standing at 6’8” with a 37” vertical leap.
2021-09-26 06:30
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