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Riptide skins
United Kingdom fraudbappe 
why are none of these skins available on bitskins skinbaron etc all of them sites, is there a 1 week trading restriction on them to start? want to buy a couple sexy bowie knives))) thank you
2021-09-25 19:47
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there a 1 week trading restriction on them to start
2021-09-25 19:48
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2021-09-25 19:49
tyty /closed
2021-09-25 19:50
Trade bans are a week yes
2021-09-25 19:51
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2021-09-25 19:57
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Btw, cases too now for some reason
2021-09-25 19:59
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yeah i wanted to open some on the first day but never bothered in the end cba with stars :(
2021-09-25 20:00
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You can buy starts and get them that way
2021-09-25 20:01
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