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Og vs Faze
Sweden Nagnetics 
Gonna be a tough one but i think Mantuu and Flamez shows up today and having impact they will take the Series but whats your thoughts?
2021-09-25 20:25
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If FaZe individuals show up today - FaZe 2-1 If not, OG 2-0
2021-09-25 20:27
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Sweden Nagnetics
If olof actually plays good they might have a chance
2021-09-25 20:28
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Jame | 
Germany M1LR3K
IF Olof is near a 1.0 K/D they will win
2021-09-25 20:29
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Sweden Nagnetics
yea maybe but if mantuu plays good ill rather bet on og then faze but idk
2021-09-25 20:30
overall faze have a bigger firepower, but will they show it? No one knows. They are probably the most "coinflip" team at the moment, after NAVI abandoned this title
2021-09-25 20:37
idk but i feeling flamez will crush faze
2021-09-25 20:28
og 2 0
2021-09-25 20:29
FaZe needs olof not to suck, both Twistzz and broky to show up and karrigan to get in Aleksi's head to take the series.
2021-09-25 20:32
United Kingdom MikeLCHV
finally og get to play ancient
2021-09-25 20:33
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Been waiting for this LESSGOO BOYZ #dreamOG
2021-09-25 20:35
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Sweden Nagnetics
2021-09-25 21:10
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