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We missed a classic rain's ACE at a main tournament! Step by step, FaZe regains a bit of its identity. OG and FaZe have just begun their battle, who wins today? Who's got more firepower to continue in the tournament? Source:
2021-09-25 21:20
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Italy I_like_csgo
Only against eco but still well done 👍
2021-09-25 21:21
Poland xMBTx
2021-09-25 21:21
Someone clip that FaZe 'who let the dogs out' moment on comms.
2021-09-25 21:24
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2021-09-25 21:29
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2021-09-25 21:29
United Kingdom Bern1e
Faze have played great this game, just hella unlucky, losing both pistols so instantly -6 rounds, won nearly every gun round on ct side. Just losing every 1v1 so far.
2021-09-25 21:32
This now a rain appreciation thread:
2021-09-26 19:26
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