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Time travel question
rain | 
Europe hejmonika 
If a city would time travel back in time to the middle ages, not a country, but a city for example Berlin or Paris time travel back to year 1000, keeping all that is inside the borders of paris as if it teleported, could they take over the world?
2021-09-26 17:49
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Austria Ostmark
travel back a military base
2021-09-26 17:51
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JUST a military base would not be able to take over the ENTIRE world.
2021-09-26 17:51
city hipsters probably all suicide because nobody respects their safety bubble
2021-09-26 17:51
no because they wouldnt have factories to produce weapons and shit, most of those are in countryside regions also no country/city today is self sufficient since trade is what defines the developed world
2021-09-26 17:52
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+1 Gloablisation would be fucked up and that isn't good for any modern city.
2021-09-26 17:53
Depends on if we can survive. I don't think so to be honest. If any, it would probably have to be somewhere big with military bases like #1 says.
2021-09-26 17:53
They would starve and have no elecricity after few days because they would lack food production equipment and energy plants. Also no fuel
2021-09-26 17:56
Paris could not live without bordeaux, champagne or cognac regions and Berlin could not live without car factories and breweries of Bavaria for five days, so no
2021-09-26 17:57
no cuz no supply of anything
2021-09-26 17:58
Cities are big because they are a center of systems, if that’s cut off it’s not worth a lot at all
2021-09-26 17:59
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