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too much advantage for ct now
2021-09-26 18:28
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So now you cry? Boosted noob
2021-09-26 18:28
agreed, but imo this improves the map because more fun in mid rounds
2021-09-26 18:29
Russia Trueteller
its very easy to take back tbh if u have a decent team just to delayed take of mid, they cant really dedicate more than 2 people to hold it and should be easy trades in most positions but in casual it's hell, since the T side players sometimes do not even know how to plant the bomb and thus definitely wont be able to do a organized take of any part of any map
2021-09-26 18:34
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actually based on your players you can dedicate 3 guys mid , even push up to top mid if you want. if you have mid then B and A long players just need to chill and relay info
2021-09-26 18:38
God | 
Brazil Lewcifer
"D2 worst map ever" Vice, de
2021-09-26 18:34
Won't call it too much. Is it more CT sided? Yes. Is it worse? Nope, if not better imo
2021-09-26 18:41
Czech Republic poledne
yeap they should make it back .. the way how it was.. how it should be ...
2021-09-26 18:42
It will be nice to see how this changes the Dust2 meta. Same map for over 20 yrs doesn't work
2021-09-26 18:44
I just rush up mid as a ct like a monkey
2021-09-26 18:45
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Germany tilted_up
best eco round strat. 3 rush up mid, 2 go up towards tunnel, ez everything covered :D
2021-09-26 18:47
getting out aimed = trash map cry, it's still good
2021-09-26 18:46
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Finland Lindeni
Nah its just a bad map. Can't wait for the end of this operation to see Insertion II introduced as the first hostage map in the active duty pool in Dust2's place.
2021-09-26 18:49
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