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CSGO "Pros"
nicoodoz | 
Namibia 322_322_322 
I can't believe how dumb and inconsistent CSGO pros are.
2021-09-26 19:40
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2021-09-26 19:41
Syria icarnothing
2021-09-26 19:55
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What does it have to do with the main topic of this thread? No, T1 teams don't fix games. They're just bad and inconsistent. Astralis was the only consistent pro team in the long run.
2021-09-26 20:00
Norway 2kayn
Fan of players
2021-09-26 19:55
yes, and they are getting paid 1000 of dollars
2021-09-26 19:56
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Pros get paid 1000 dollars no way
2021-09-26 19:59
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nice joke but u got my idea
2021-09-26 20:01
broky | 
Norway Lassii
Who da fook is that guy
2021-09-26 20:00
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csgo pro
2021-09-26 20:00
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Oh ... ok gg
2021-09-26 20:02
Kind of agree to some extent, but i usually give them the hindsight of bad communication / lan environment so perhaps you're not in your perfect environment to get unleashed. I think most of us at some point have entered a random mm/faceit match where all the cylinders are firing and the brain is in like 5th dimension etc, and feels like we could contend pro play etc :D That being said, yea I kind of agree that sometimes you can kind of see something happening in their pov and they didnt notice it or didnt take a mind note of it and died because of it, Even simple but minor things like counting enemy HE's or not stopping to push after round is over in a pushing / flanking position, so the dead player can see they pushed, for example, inferno banana to ramp and dead player on ramp can see through his deathcam that he 2 players perhaps pushed banana XD Some pretty unnecessary but very minor things still, but you'd expect more strictness around that at tier 1-2 cs.
2021-09-26 20:22
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