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MR8 competitive
Malta i_love_taxes 
boring and very short, maybe mr12 like valorant would be more interesting, but in this mode unless you lose 2nd round winning pistol means you'll have a heavy lead and have way higher chances to win... this economy is trash, valve pls fixedinho
2021-09-27 02:00
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i enjoy it a lot If I only have 2 hours to play, I can get 5-6 games instead of 2 Also if enemy is smurfs, it's np because it's only 9 rounds
2021-09-27 02:01
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Couldn't have said it any better. MR8 is very enjoyable.
2021-09-27 02:03
yeah it's good if you want a very short match but it's just too 1-sided imo
2021-09-27 02:03
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