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Celebrating birthday
sh1ro | 
Morocco zula17 
i dont get why people celebrating their age i mean they are getting old that means soon they wont be young anymore means they are getting close to death so why being happy cuz they are getting older.. maybe i would be happy if im going to live forever so logically i should be happy cuz of marriage for example?.. but thats not how it works
2021-09-27 02:01
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2021-09-27 02:04
People like celebrating things and being happy men))))
2021-09-27 02:04
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2021-09-27 02:18
Well, until a certain age growing up is somewhat 'exciting'. I don't celebrate my birthday anyway as it's boring.
2021-09-27 02:13
Brazil Arkanan
12 years old thoughts
2021-09-27 02:20
To have a party and good time, get some gifts from family/friends What's the point of being depressed and sad all the time ? People want to be happy
2021-09-27 02:22
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