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In a few days Im abandoning everything I knew to chase my future, new people new places new everything. Im going to have to change my entire way of life, I wonder how it will feel like
2021-09-27 03:24
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Brazil Arkanan
good luck bro, hope it ends being a nice experience for you and your future
2021-09-27 03:28
Where are you studying?
2021-09-27 03:54
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hes going to havard source trust me bro
2021-09-27 04:07
2021-09-27 11:36
gl bro remember to keep ur place tidy and clean to keep productivity going
2021-09-27 03:56
Sweden AFCHannes
wish the best for you, gl
2021-09-27 04:04
i'm happy for u =D, what will u study?
2021-09-27 04:06
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2021-09-27 11:37
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It will feel like dust and rocks !
2021-09-27 11:38
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