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Portugal dascouves 
Why not get an actual player and get a point deduction? As far as I know they've got 0 points so far? Also if they play with the coach they might not even get into the points spots this event...
2021-09-28 12:24
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please dont disrespect their coach allan hender>s1mple
2021-09-28 12:27
Norway Norvegiya2k
0 kills incoming
2021-09-28 12:27
Their coach is undercover KennyS
2021-09-28 12:27
i am | 
Portugal MrYikes
new hardstyle crisis inc xD
2021-09-28 12:31
Latvia emzijs
yes they have 0 rmr points currently, but the timeline to submit a full roster is probably over already.
2021-09-28 12:32
Syria icarnothing
at least he has 3k elo skill right?
2021-09-28 12:35
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Faceit 3lvl
2021-09-28 13:15
Ale | 
Finland ksiBOB
because they cant change the players anymore.................... they had 2 options, play with the coach or forfeit the tournament and eternal fire replaces them
2021-09-28 13:17
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lol, EF would be such a wasted spot, even EP with coach will do more damage (meaning by getting more rounds than EF would ever do)
2021-09-28 13:25
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i dont think so
2021-09-28 13:26
Portugal dascouves
I feel like EF on lan would do better actually And before you come with the XANTARES onliner bs, he is solid on lan. I've always looked at bulgarian, turkish and cis teams better on lan than online (known teams, not talking about akuma type of teams obviously.)
2021-09-28 13:27
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I will try to put it like this, fragwise yes they are very competetive on CT but i have seen almost everymatch im not pretty sure about their T side calling, their IGL surely struggles to call in tight situation and lack dession making like proper igls do have. short term description is all aim no brain for this team
2021-09-28 13:29
United Kingdom Jerry2805
I think that endpoint could only play their coach or forfeit due to valve's strict rules
2021-09-28 13:19
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Portugal dascouves
Ok seems better this way then Hardstyle vibes inc
2021-09-28 13:21
i'm pretty sure once teams send their list of players to Valve / ESL, it can't be changed, especially considering the tournament will start in 2 days. They don't have a 6th player roster so their only option is to play with the coach.
2021-09-28 13:23
Endpoint is pointless
2021-09-28 13:33
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